Shipping Information

My Pledge
Amy Ferrari Art is dedicated to making sure that shipments arrive safely and at the lowest cost possible.

Shipping Carriers
Smaller items will be shipped via Canada Post or Purolator at the lowest cost possible.
Larger items will be shipped via Purolator Ground or FedEx Ground and will require purchaser’s street address, email address, and phone number in order to ship.
Purchaser will receive a tracking number via email.

Shipping Fees
Larger paintings require extra-special packaging for proper protection. Shipping weight includes the weight of the item plus the weight of the custom-built shipping container (box or crate). The shipping fee includes cost of custom-built container (box or crate).
The declared value of the contents of the shipping container will be the same amount as the total of the purchase price(s) for each item in the container.
Shipping larger paintings could possibly be more economically shipped if the canvas is taken off the stretcher-bars and rolled to fit into a shipping tube. Purchaser will be wholly responsible for procuring a suitable re-stretching of the canvas by a qualified framer once the painting is received. Please contact Amy if you wish to explore this option. Please note that once the canvas has been removed from its stretcher bar supports, it is no longer returnable for refund.
Estimating Shipping Fees Shipping Fees are estimated and based on only the weight of your order. Purchasers will be refunded shipping fee differences if the actual shipping fees are more than $5.00 CAD less than the paid shipping fee.

Shipping to USA
Items shipped to the US will require additional time in order to clear US customs.
Due to new regulations, items shipped to the US in crates will require specially treated wood to be used in the construction of shipping crate in order to avoid refusal of entry by US customs. Custom-built shipping crates created with the required specially treated wood will have a higher cost than untreated wood.
Purchaser is wholly responsible for any US customs fees and duties.
Every effort will be made to ensure item is shipped duty-free through harmonized code 9701.10 and an ‘Original Works of Art Statement for Duty Free Entry’ form will accompany the Commercial Invoice.