About Archival Prints

Another name for archival prints is ‘Giglee’ prints.  Giglee is a term originally coined to describe a high quality fine art print created on an IRIS printer.  Over the years, though, the term has become synonymous with high-resolution prints from a high quality inkjet printer using archival inks (fade-resistant) on archival (acid-free) paper or canvas.  I refer to the prints that I sell as archival prints, as the term seems more understandable.


Limited Editions
All of my archival prints are hand-numbered, titled, and signed by me, and come in limited edition sets.  For example, if I offer a signed limited edition set of 25 of an 8 x 10 print; it is my pledge to never to offer for sale more than 25 signed prints in an 8 x 10 edition.  After the 25th signed 8 x 10 print sells, the set is sold-out and is no longer available.  Really.  I do reserve the right to release the same image in multiple limited edition sets that come in different sizes; so while an 8 x 10 edition may be sold out, I may still create a new 5 x 7 edition (unless it’s already been sold-out).  I also reserve the right to offer unsigned reproductions of my work through other services, such as Fine Art America, in unlimited numbers and sizes.


Amy Ferrari Art Prints
My limited edition signed prints are printed at Amy Ferrari Art under the direction of Marco, owner of Ferrari Industrial Design. Being a typical designer, he’s a real stickler for precision!  We use an Epson Stylus Photo R2000 inkjet printer with the Epson Archival inks on fine art quality 100% cotton rag archival paper.  The size of our Epson printer limits the sizes of the prints we can offer, as the maximum width of a paper roll is 13 inches.


A Win-Win!
While a fancy inkjet print will never compare with the original painting, offering archival prints is an easy way for art-lovers to acquire fine art that will last a lifetime if cared for.  It’s a win for customers because prints are so easy to buy!  Offering archival prints is also a win for me because I get to share my work with more people, and it helps me create additional income from a single painting.
If there’s an image of one of my paintings that you would like but don’t see available, please contact me to see if it’s possible to create a high quality print of that image. Many of my archived images are older, and pre-date our access to higher resolution cameras.  If a limited edition of the piece you wanted is sold-out, please contact me to see if it’s possible to create a new limited edition in a significantly different size.
Ordering a Print
If you are local to The Region of Waterloo (Ontario) and can arrange to pick-up your print directly, you may be able to avoid shipping charges.  The prices of my prints do not include matting or framing.  The prints that I offer will be printed as soon as they are ordered, thus the shipping time is extended by a couple days in order schedule the printing.  Please note that some original images from the paintings may be minimally cropped and/or stretched to accommodate the edition’s size format.