Vegetationage: The Archived Catalog

This page features selected works based of flora that are no longer available.

Expressions From the Floressence

With the simple act of observing flowers, we have the opportunity to be reminded of the extraordinary positivity of life and living. As they captivate your senses, flowers have the power to awaken the awareness of our innermost beings. I look for the flower images that speak to me. And then I strengthen those messages by painting them. Painting allows me to uncover the stories that the flowers have to tell.


In this body of work, I am celebrating the beauty and power of trees by exploiting the idea of treeness.  Trees are transformed to showcase their more intangible aspects, such as the ways trees can feel like multi-armed creatures; the way trees play with sunshine; the interconnectedness of a community of trees; or the ways trees can keep the sky from falling.

More Flora

Mother Nature… A ceaselessly irresistible source of inspirational organic forms!

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