Corporate Art

Visual art is an often overlooked component that is increasingly needed in today’s work environments.

Corporate Commissions

Amy Ferrari’s Art has the power to increase positivity, raise productivity, and lower stress, all while enhancing the branding of any corporation.  Setting up a meeting with Amy can help incorporate your company’s culture, branding, and mission statement into a vivid, comprehensive design to help invigorate your working environment.

Tribal Dream Stream
Tribal Dream Stream

The painting, ‘Tribal Dream Stream’ was commissioned by Tribe HR in Kitchener, Ontario.  The painting imbues a joyful energy as it helps inspire problem-solving.


Thermal Sensation Detoxification
Thermal Sensation Detoxification

The painting ‘Thermal Sensation Detoxification’ was created for NetSuite in Kitchener, Ontario.  This painting was created especially for a collaboration space entitled ‘The Warm Booth’.

What kind of paintings could Amy create for your company?
Find out more about Amy Ferrari’s Commissions here.

If your company has sad blank walls due to a lack of art, Amy Ferrari Art has collections of happy, colourful paintings ready to brighten up your space.

Please contact Amy Ferrari to explore ways to enhance your working environment with art!


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