As much as I love creating original art, it turns out that I am also able to offer art-related items that can have (almost!) the same appeal!

Artsy Canada
If you want to buy quality curated canvas prints locally, consider this Waterloo-based print provider.

Imprinted Merchandise
Find out more about my Imprinted Merchandise providers here!

Amy Ferrari Art’s Limited Edition Prints
These are the hand-signed archival prints that are produced by Amy Ferrari Art.
My LE prints include select images of my paintings, as well as some special collections:
•Snarkle Tart Prints
•Skull Prints (Digital Images of my paintings wrapped upon skull forms)
•Head Cases (Digital Images of my painting wrapped upon head forms)

MUKster Coloring Books
This is a small collection of coloring pages produced by Amy Ferrari Art.
WooHoo!  There’s a free PDF downloadable version available, as well!!

A Big Number 2 – Presented by the Google-Eyed Snarkle Tarts
This is the silly book I created based on my Google-Eyed Snark Tart characters.
It is available in print from Blurb, from iBooks,  as well as from a free downloadable PDF version offered by Amy Ferrari Art!

Paint Shirt Art
I decided my paint shirts were too colorful and interesting to toss, to I have adhered sections of some the shirts to wood panels, which makes for some interesting colorful textured pieces!

Amore Magic Bracelets
When I really need a break from painting, I often turn to making polymer beads and making stretchy bracelets with them!  I don’t usually sell these bracelets, but if we meet, don’t be surprised if I give you one!