The Amore Magic Bracelets

Amore Magic Bracelets
If you received a bracelet with a card that led you this site… well you’ve found the source of the magic bracelets.  But be aware, while I believe the bracelets contain magic from the force of good, the magic only works if you believe.

Even if you never received the card with the bracelet, the bracelets I made still have special magic, so if you wear one, be on the lookout for good things to come!

Most of my bracelets feature handmade beads that I made from polymer clay (the kind you bake in the oven).  So the bracelets with the polymer beads have the strongest magic.  If you have a magic bracelet with no polymer beads, don’t worry, there is still magic that comes in through the random patterns and regular patterns of the beads.


Made with Love,
Just for you…
To brighten you day,
and colour it too!

The magic beads
are reminders of cheer,
And will bring good luck
in the days that are near.

When the band breaks,
and the beads fall away…
Watch for a wish
to be granted that day!