Lively Abstract Art

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My mission is to create art that energizes any environment with creativity, positivity, and happiness; which is why when I’m asked to define my unique style, the answer is always “Visual Optimism”.
Abstraction gives me the perfect opportunity to create images that provoke the concepts of joy, harmony, hope, and positive energy solely through the use of color and line. Since all of my work is born from my artistic roots of obsessive curvilinear doodling, I relish the chance to let the lines freely morph into expressively colorful shapes that flow freely through my uplifting compositions. Each abstract painting has its own story of positivity to tell…. it’s up to you, the viewer, to determine what the story is….

Frothing Festive Frivil-Flow
Releasing Longheld Grievances into the Blinding Light of Love
Above and Beyond
Clarified Chaos

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