I have been extremely honoured to have had affiliations with some of  Kitchener-Waterloo’s local arts and community organizations:



The Art District Gallery
The Art District Gallery is a Co-operative Gallery, run by the artists themselves!
As a founding member of The Art District Gallery, I have been very proud to have been Chair of the Curation Committee from May to December of 2015.  Ultimately, running even a small portion of a gallery requires tremendous time and effort!  I had stepped away from being a gallery member since I move to Hamilton, and truly miss the creative fellowship with a very talented group of artists!

Button Factory Arts

Button Factory Arts has been hard at work for the last 20 years to provide amazing programs, support, and events for artists, artists in training, art enthusiasts and arts organizations in the Waterloo Region.

Me checking the drying table at a BFA class.

When I first walked into Button Factory Arts, even though I was very new to the region, I immediately felt like I was at home.  Since then, I’ve taught regular classes there, I’ve had my studio there, and I’ve grown to know and love the amazing people that make BFA such a magical place.


PAWG – Public Art Working Group
PAWG is one of two citizen advisory committees are directly involved in the public art program for the City of Kitchener.  Among advising on other important public art projects, PAWG is responsible for the selection of exhibits shown in the Rotunda Gallery in Kitchener’s City Hall and for determining the scope and selection of Kitchener’s Artist in Residence program.  I’ve learned so much from being a member of PAWG, a most positive volunteer experience!

ArtsSmart Waterloo Region

ArtsSmarts brings together artists, teachers and students to explore the formal education curriculum using an art form as a means of discovery and co-learning. For example, music might be used to teach mathematics, or mural making applied to the study of history. This approach to learning has proven its significant and beneficial impact on student engagement and teacher practice over the past decade.

Amy Teaches
Amy Teaches

I have been honoured to be invited to participate in this program three times.  It is the most challenging and most rewarding teaching experience I’ve ever had.  Big Thanks to ArtsSmart Waterloo Region’s Gabrielle Clermont for her ceaseless wonderfulness.


Leadership Waterloo Region

Leadership Waterloo Region is a social profit organization working to address the leadership gap in our region by providing community focused leadership development opportunities. Each of our programs offers professionals and youth opportunities to hone their leadership skills while contributing to the health of the community.

Leadership Waterloo Region is certainly an organization that cares about the K-W community, and, our community’s artists!  At their annual Fire & Ice Gala fundraiser, several local artists are selected to participate in the night’s silent auction.  What’s really great is that the artist gets to set a reserve price and is guaranteed to 100% of the reserve price of any piece that sells, with any amount exceeding the reserve going to LWR.  I’ve been privileged to show and sell my work at two of the Galas, and have had an amazing time mingling with some top notch community leaders!

Surprisingly, LWR has also invited me to be a panelist during their annual Leadership Day event three times.  Cool!


KW Art Gallery

KWAG is Waterloo Region’s leading public art gallery, connecting people and ideas through art, with a focus on the best of contemporary culture.  For the benefit of current and future generations, the Gallery collects, preserves, researches, interprets, and exhibits the visual arts and offers dynamic public programming relating to the visual arts, all with a view to inspiring creativity and an appreciation of the visual arts in the Region.

The Black & Gold Gala is the major annual fundraiser for the gallery.  I’ve been so happy to be a regular donor of art for sale at this event!


HOF Logo-Main.png

House of Friendship

House of Friendship strengthens people and communities by being there when needed, speaking up and working together.

I was so happy to be a part of Christine Rier’s recognition and celebration of achievements with House of Friendship.  “WooHoo!  Mountains!” could not have gone to a better home!
Best wishes to you in your new venture!