I have been very fortunate one the past few years to be a REAP Professional, and one of the artists associated with REAP’s Felt Lab in St. Jacobs.

Research Entrepreneurs Accelerating Prosperity (REAP) sparks creative minds to explore the latest interactive, machine-to-machine, and digital display technologies, challenging students to build innovative business opportunities on top of our partners’  technologies.

The Felt Lab is like a techie sandbox, with state-of-the-art technology, with professionals and students working together;  endeavouring to explore ways to use the available technology to generate income.

I have provided many images of my work to serve as content to be used as people explore some of the different technologies.  As a result, virtual galleries of my work have been produced on several different platforms.  And REAP generously approved the loan of some of the technology for ‘Art Mersion’!

One of my favourite exhibits at REAP’s Felt Lab is the ‘Amy in a Box’. When someone clicks on the painting, a short video of me pops up, and I give insights as to the creation of that painting.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate and learn about the production of videos, and to challenge myself on ways to best explain my work.

Another favourite technology that I’ve learned about in the Felt Lab is Augmented Reality through Aurasma.  What a wonderful new tool for me to use to help enhance the experience of viewing art!

I’ve also been honoured to be a speaker for two of the Felt Lab’s bi-weeky ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions.

Many thanks to all the students and the professionals at the Felt Lab for being so supportive of my work!