The Brush-Off

Competitive art?  I’m dubious.  But it’s for The Museum, which is a good cause, and the artists do get paid a percentage for work that sells in the silent auction.

The artists are given 30 minutes to complete a painting.  Since my work is transformative, cranking out any kind of decent painting within 30 minutes… and in front of a big crowd of people… is perhaps asking too much!!!

During each round of painting,  audience members vote for their favourite paintings in that round.  The artist with the most votes progress to the next round.  Soooooooo…….you’re likely to fare better if a large faction of your fanbase shows up to the event.

I’ve got tremendous respect for those artists that excel at this time-pressured painting.  If you ever want to know how fast 30 minutes can fly, participate and see for yourself!


2013 Brush-Off at The Museum in Kitchener

How exciting!  I made it to the second round!



2014 Brush-Off at The Museum in Kitchener

This time, I was asked to demonstrate the 30 minute painting on Roger’s ‘Daytime’ Community TV show.   I decided to try a new tactic.  Hmmmm….maybe not.  🙂



2015 Brush-Off at Button Factory Arts

I tried yet another tactic, and managed to get to the second round, but in the end, I was no match for the amazing Ralph Wall and the undeniable Nancy Peng.  Thanks, BFA!