Color Studio at Button Factory Arts!

Streaming Through March

If you’re interested in delving into color theory for artists, you’ll want to clear your Thursday evenings in the fall!

I love what I do so much,
It’s hard to not want to share what I’ve learned over the years with others.
I teach in a relaxed atmosphere, with lots of fun and nurturing guidance.

Color Studio at Button Factory Arts
Thursday evenings, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.
October 13, 20, 27, November 3, 10, 17, 24, December 1 (2016)

Find out more and register at  or inquire and register in person at 25 Regina Street in Waterloo.

Color Studio

This is a very intense and fast-paced 8-week series about the mastery of color mixing and color usage. This class is not best for absolute beginners, but is great for those with at least a small amount of painting experience, and a lot of determination. Students should be 15 years old or older.

The many exercises are fun, enlightening, and quite challenging ways of learning through doing. At the heart of this class is coming to a deeper understanding of color relationships, both in color theory and in color usage. Not only will you enhance your ability to understand color systems, navigate color space, see colors, match color, and mix colors; you will also enhance your ability to embolden your use of color and stretch your abilities to be more accurate, more expressive, and more imaginative with your color choices.

The entire first session will be dedicated to discussion of color theory, and there will be no painting during the very first session, as it will be all discussion and demonstrations.  You will receive useful handouts, and you may want to take notes.  Part of the discussion will be the appropriate paints and other supplies to buy and there will be a short list of required acrylic paint colors.


Re-Joining ADG!

2016 July poster

I’m so happy to be rejoining the amazing collective of artists at Art District Gallery!
We’re also welcoming our newest artist, Gary Barnett!
Hope to see you all on Thursday evening of July 7th at the opening reception of our newest exhibition!

2016 July poster.jpg

New Hoosmaller copy

One Hour to Paint a Rain Barrel?


What a great time I had at the Summer Lights 2016 painting a rain barrel for REEP Green Solutions!  Thanks to everyone for coming out to cheer me on, to James Howe of REEP for the unique painting opportunity, and to my fellow rain barrel painters, nik harron, Julian van Mossel-Forrester, and Jennifer Gough for their artistic fellowship!  You guys did some amazing paint jobs!

My idea for the rain barrel was to have two distinct intertwining webs in earthy yellows encircle the barrel having over a deeper jewel-toned purple.  The intertwining webs are about community and interdependence, while the purple background symbolizes the importance of what goes on in the unseen realms.


Sketching in the design… should have know at this point that I was biting off more than was possible….



Frantic to stay within the one-hour limit….



Fortunately my crew steps in to save the day!



Starting to get into the groove….



Woo Hoo!  Painting on King Street!



Finally… The Finishing Touches!



After 5 Hours…Done!



Next stop…  Silent Auction!



Julian’s rain barrel



nik’s rain barrel



Jennifer’s rain barrel

While the idea was to paint the barrel during a one-hour time slot, I’m afraid the design I chose to paint just wasn’t doable within the one hour timeline!  What was I thinking!!!?  I was so grateful that nobody seemed to mind that I took extra time to complete the rain barrel the way I had envisioned.  And big thanks to Marco and Jessica Loof for jumping right in to help execute the painting!  All in all, I put in 5 hours on that barrel…. so it’s a big fail on my time management skills, but still, I’m fairly pleased with how the barrel turned out.  It’s not every night that one can sit smack in the middle of King Street in Kitchener and paint!

Happily, all of the rain barrels painted are available for sale!  All of the painted barrels are being auctioned off at until June 27.


New Hoosmaller copy

Art on a Toilet?

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In the world of merchandising, it seems the possibilities are endless….
It only seems right to mention I can also put my art on:


Toilet Seat Covers.  Who knew? – but Yes.

Toilet Tattoos® is a hygienic, removable appliqué for the toilet lid.  Made from electrostatic vinyl film, this toilet seat decoration wipes clean and is reusable.  In just 3 easy steps, peel, place and smooth, you can transform the look of your lid.  Proudly made in the USA, this patent pending innovation is the modern way to enhance the toilet.  A bathroom accessory that is quick, clean, simple and changeable.  Toilet Tattoos are the only way to crown your throne™.


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Silk Boxers?  You know it!



Lamp Shades?  Okidokie!



Can Cozies?  Of course.




Jigsaw Puzzles?   How could I not?  252 pieces in a 11″ x 14″ puzzle makes for a lovely afternoon relaxer, not taking up too much time or space!



Keychains?  T-shirts?  Mousepads?  Car Magnets?  Window Decals?  Photo Coasters?  Guitar Picks?  Lunch Boxes?  Melamine Plates? Clocks?  Stickers?  Clocks?  Wrapping Paper?  USB Flash Drives?
Night Lights?  Bottle Openers?  Playing Cards?
Will it ever end?!  So many options…. It’s only money….  ;)


If there’s product you’d like imprinted with my art, it’s likely I can find it somewhere.  Just let me know what I can do for you.

What the Heck are Snarkle Tarts?


The Snarkle Tarts are a collection of very cute google-eyed characters that came into being almost accidentally…

I created a bunch of these characters when I was trying to come with idea for paintings that I could complete in 30 minutes.  Why would I want to create a painting in 30 minutes?  Well, you see, some of my associates (you know who you are) strong-armed me into participating in K-W’s ‘Brush-Off’ competition at The Museum in  downtown Kitchener.  Since I  use a transformational process, my paintings take a notoriously long time to complete.  So there I was, in a bind, and feverishly trying to come up with a way to not embarrass myself in front of a large group of the art-buying public, not to mention my fellow artists.  Yep, it all came from ego.  :)

I stumbled upon the idea of creating simple silly characters from simple square shapes, I guess somehow Sponge-Bob Square Pants managed to lodge himself in my subconscious.
Creating these figures was so freeing and fun, I came up with quite a few designs!


2014 Brush-Off at The Museum First Round

My plan worked out fairly well, and I managed to get through the competition with my self-esteem more-or-less intact –ish. After the competition, I still had ideas for all these characters that just wouldn’t go away.  So, well, why not?  I decided to go ahead and create paintings (taking all the time I needed!) for all of the characters I had come up with.  They were all so cute!  But that’s not the end of the story…

I had 15 characters to name, and I knew the names had to be as cute as the paintings. Oh the pressure!  Then it dawned on me.  I really never intended to do this…  But once the idea was in my head, it was inevitable. (Marco’s fault!)  All of the character’s names would somehow refer to farts.  I know.  I never wanted to use the word ‘fart’.  That’s why they’re called ‘Tarts’.

Meet the Snarkle Tarts!  Hovering your curser over the photo will reveal the name.

These guys were so adorable, I decided to make them all available as artist-signed limited- edition archival prints. (Check out the available Snarkle Tart Art!)  They turned out to be very cute for a kid’s room!  But that’s still not the end of the story…

After a while, people who had some Snarkle Tarts in their kid’s rooms began to urge me to write a children’s book featuring the tarts.  Now, writing a children’s book was the furthest thing from my mind, not having much experience with kids.  But again, the idea stuck in my head, and I realized that since they’re names reflect farts, their story should revolve around farts.

I knew something had to happen.  And did a little research and found out one of the first stages of story telling was character development.  So based on the paintings, I tried to nail down each character’s personality and back-story; and then it happened…

The rhymes began, and I was helpless. I had to continue with the rhymes until all the of the Snarkles Tarts had something to ‘say’ about farts. Though the poems are not perfect, I managed to write every single poem without using the word ‘fart’.  Thus, ‘A Big Number 2’ was born, and I self-published the book using Blurb.

I’m really not sure where the Snarkle Tarts will go from here…  but I did come up with the idea of making the images and poems available on Zazzle’s onesies!



New Hoosmaller copy

Amy the Author…


 I wrote a book!  Well, actually, I just wrote silly poems to accompany the images of my Snarkle Tart characters, and turned it into a photo book!  Hopefully, you enjoy fart humour….

More ‘books’ are in the works, the next ones will most like be colouring and/or doodle books.  Eventually, my take on Colour Theory as taught in my ‘Trouncing the Colour Wheel’ class will be turned into a book too – with words…in sentences!


Blurb is a book publisher specifically dedicated to the on-demand publishing of books:
hard cover, soft cover, e-books, and PDF books.

A Big Number 2

This picture book features my Snarkle Tart characters presenting different ways to talk about poo’s.  The characters are captivatingly cute; and the poems that accompany each image will make you snicker!

So far, I only have one physical book version (softcover) available for printing on demand.   ‘A Big Number 2‘ is also available in both iPad and PDF e-formats.
Softcover Version     PDF Version     iPad e-book version

I have ordered and received all 3 versions,  and I certainly recommend them all!


New Hoosmaller copy


Putting the Fun in FUNky…




I’m extremely happy to present a Montreal-Based Canadian company specializing in creating unique apparel from custom printed fabrics. So far, I have chosen to focus my designs on:  leggings, scarves, skirts, and the very cute beanie hats!   …but I’m taking requests…!

I’m so excited about this company because:

•they are Canadian!
•their high quality sublimation printing process results in durable, fade-proof prints
•the art is imprinted on the entire piece, not just sections of it
•the flexibility of their online design tool allows for many versions of a single item
•the organic lines in my art are uniquely well-suited to form-fitting pieces
•the variations in pattern sizes and colours are too much fun to come up with!
•and the designs are so very FUNKY…..!
•and I can call myself a fashion designer!  ….maybe   ….sort of…..  🙂

Below are some representative images that show off some of the products available.  The links will go directly to my Art of Where Store.
Check my  Art of Where   store often, as I’m adding new items frequently!
Scroll down for a peek of some colourful wearables from funkytown….

Leggings and Capris
Are you funky enough for these leggings?!  Oh My!
I really didn’t mean to come up with such suggestive designs…


Fitted Skirts
Are the skirts tamer than the leggings?  Hard to say….!



For when you need that extra pop of colour!
In addition to being able to present my paintings on silk, these scarves present a very addictive way for me to play with colour and pattern!


Zen Sky - Silk ScarfSenTrees of the Grapes - Silk ScarfKakabeca Magenta - Silk ScarfPondeRose Golden - Silk Scarf



Beanie Hats
So cute!  So much fun! You’ll need lots of these!
These beanies come with a choice of mild or warm linings.




Stay tuned…. Imprinted Books will be highlighted in my next post….!

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