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I celebrate colour as a glorification of life.  My vision is that vibrant, joyous potential thrives in everybody, everything, and in every situation.

My current work is acrylic on canvas.
The links below will navigate to different categories of my art on my site!


Introducing… my ArtMoi Catalog!
I have created website that specifically displays my entire catalog of paintings.
This ArtMoi archival site is extremely easy to navigate, and makes keeping my images updated much less cumbersome… it’s almost automatic!

The Artwork tab takes you to a single place where you find every single painting (a lifetime of work!)  that I have created (minus the pieces I choose not to share online due to a lack of availability of quality images).  Some of these paintings are available for sale, but most are no longer available… you’ll easily be able to see complete image(s) with all the details when click on the thumbnail image.  It’s quite the archival reference!  If you want to get a comprehensive sense of what my art is about, this is the perfect place to browse images. It’s interesting to see how the art has evolved over the years.

Since there are so, so, so many pieces to navigate, ArtMoi happily offers a Collections page which allows me to organize the art into categories they call ‘Collections’.


The Collections tab takes you a gallery of all of my usual categories of art. (You can always find my Collections link at the top right corner of this website, right below my ‘home’ link.)  As well, I am listing all of the categories here, complete with descriptions, representative images, and imbedded links which will take you directly to each collection on the ArtMoi site.


InkScape Nuance

All Available Paintings

Ready to own a Ferrari Painting?
The above link will take to my collection of available pieces.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions!


Industrial Captivation

This is my most recent special collection.
These paintings are my interpretations of many industrial sites found in Hamilton, Ontario.  Check out the entire Industrial Captivation Story here!


The Seasonal IndusTreeprnt


TreeCentricity is a special collection featuring all of my tree paintings.
Check out the TreeCentricity Story here.


Tree Amigos

Land Shapes

This collection includes my entire catalog of landscape paintings!



Relearning Gravitational Resistance

Lively Abstracts

This category include all of my pure abstract paintings.
Abstract is my favorite category to create,
as these paintings are perfectly unencumbered expressions of harmony.



Expressions From the Florescence

This is a special collection featuring of all of my flower paintings.


Mechano (ArtMoi Catalog)

Mechano is another special collection of paintings.
This collection features abstracted machines, technology, engines, and vehicles!



Figures and Portraits

Portrait and Figure work is perhaps the most thrilling challenge of all!


Serene Yellow Spaces

Serene Yellow Spaces

This is a special collection about restorative spaces that are both energizing and calming, resulting in an amazing positive atmosphere where good things can and will happen.
Check out the complete “Serene Yellow Spaces” story.




This collection features all of my plant centered paintings
that don’t fit into either ‘TreeCentricity’ or ‘Expressions From the Floressence’ groupings.
Many pieces in this group feature abstracted food images.
I’m looking forward to expanding this food-based collection in the near future!



Loof Love

Commissioned Work

These are some paintings that I’ve created for other people…
What can I paint for you?
Find out more about how to commission an Amy Ferrari Art painting here!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions!



Post Pourdown Puddle Party

Available Smalls

This collection of paintings isn’t included elsewhere on my ArtMoi site since these are such minor works.  I decided to include this collection of smaller (smaller than 12 x 12) paintings for those looking for original art that is super-easy to afford.



Holely Guy    


The MUKsters are coming to you from the whacked mind of Marco Ferrari,
and through my own interpretations in line and color.  It’s mostly a fun and lighthearted view of some of the more inglorious and MUKky facets of being human. More than likely, you’ll be able to relate to some of these guys.
I’ve created a set of coloring pages featuring the MUKsters, as well as some nifty merchandise… Check out the additional MUKky offerings here!



Googly-Eyed Snarkle Tarts

All 15 Paintings in this collection came from reclaimed canvases from a previous project. The characters came first, as I was enjoying creating these light-hearted beings. Then over some drinks, a few of my friends came up with the silly fart-related names. And eventually, I wrote little poems about each character. All of which became a self-published book – ‘A Big #2″ available from Blurb and I-tunes.
Check out all of  the ‘Snarkle Tart’ offerings here!


Dread Dancedoctored

Available Pen & Ink Drawings

Available Pen & Ink Postcards

These little drawings represent the genesis of my journey into art.
I started my creative journey simply by creating these simple doodle-like drawings.
These are not found elsewhere on my ArtMoi site, but I wanted to include both drawing collections here because these are absolutely the easiest Ferrari originals to own.



SenTrees Of The Grapes

Available Signed Limited Edition Archival Prints

Artist-signed, limited-edition archival prints (archival ink on archival paper) produced by Amy Ferrari Art.  These prints are designed to last a lifetime.


Available Googly-Eyed Snarkle Tart Prints  (Signed Limited Edition Archival Prints)

All of the Googly-Eyed Snarkle Tart Paintings have been sold, but happily, prints are available!


Available Head Cases  (Signed Limited Edition Archival Prints)

A selection of available signed limited edition prints featuring original painting images virtually wrapped upon virtual head forms.


Available Skull Prints  (Signed Limited Edition Archival Prints)

A selection of available signed limited edition prints featuring original painting images virtually wrapped upon virtual skull forms.


Scroll down to see my Blog Postings!





New Painting!

A Commemorative Commission!

I’m so happy to have delivered and installed “Mantis Making Way”, which was commissioned by Mantis of Burlington, ON. This painting celebrates a new addition with a total renovation of the Mantis manufacturing and warehouse facility. To me, the painting is a kind of portrait that also celebrates a new beginning and bright future.

Mantis Making Way
Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 60 2020

While all the elements have been abstracted at least to some degree, I intentionally restrained the abstraction on the building elements, as it seemed important to keep this celebrated building somewhat intact.  I wanted to be sure to include the whole building, which is why I chose this specific vantage point. Also, I eliminated the trees located in front of the building, as they greatly obscured its view. Thus, the green elements and the sky elements had more permission to disregard reality, and to become more expressive of growth and energy. 

More than once, I remember seeing Wally, the president of Mantis, riding on the lawn mower, keeping the grounds looking trim and proper.  So just to tease, because Wally enjoyed a bit of teasing, I made sure the grass was a little bit too wild, and in that way memorializes that he is and always will be missed since his passing in January of 2020.

I was so happy when the new president, Michele, informed me of the new landscaping, because to me, the new landscaping offers elements that represent how she has stepped up to continue the leadership of growing the company.  So, the shrubbery, represented here as the young plants they are, are intended to be a series of individual sculptures celebrating individuality that are learning and growing together.

At least in my mind, this piece has an underlying nautical theme, mostly to honor Wally’s love of venturing out on his big boat.  So, the sky had to culminate in the deepest infinite blues.  And the building often reminded me of the bow of a great ship, with the bright red swath lining the deck, which is why I decided to use a vantage point that is slightly lower than eye-level.

In nautical terms, ‘making way’ means ‘being propelled through the water and controlled by the helm’. I like that term because I am so impressed with how Mantis continues despite many unexpected challenges brought on by the year 2020.  A similar term is ‘underway’, but ‘making way’ seems to be more about proceeding along a controlled path, which seemed appropriate.  ‘Making way’ also reminded me of Toolgrid, which exists to help people take control of the organization of tools, ‘making way’ for greater productivity.

You can find out more about Toolgrid here:

Face Masks, Paintings and More!, Wearables, Yellow

About the Amy Ferrari Art Face Masks

What a strange time this is!  I am grateful that so many people have decided to purchase face masks bearing images of my art!
I appreciate that you are looking to protect yourself and others, or at least that you are looking to be compliant with the local regulations.
Who says you can’t have a bit of colourful fun while being in compliance!
As many have experienced, the providers of face masks have been slammed with orders, and receiving your order can take an extraordinarily long time.
The 5 mask order that I placed took over 2 months to arrive!!  I was beginning to doubt that it would ever show up.  But then it did – but it was 2 masks short.  The remaining two arrived two weeks later.  I am very hopeful that the wait time is improving as production continues.  Much appreciation to all who have waited and are continuing to wait…. I truly feel your pain!

About Placing an Order

Me with new mask from Fine Art America (Pixels). Beanie is older from Art of Where.

For those who are contemplating placing an order for an Amy Ferrari Art face mask, please realize that you are likely in for a wait!
I can’t and don’t carry a stock of my imprinted products, so ordering directly from the provider is best.
If something should go wrong with your order, please contact the provider directly, as I do not receive any of your order info.  I never know exactly who orders the masks, as the artists only receive info that an order was placed for ‘x’ numbers of a particular design, but nothing about the customer.  Which is why I especially love it when people post pictures of their masks when they arrive!
There are two providers of face masks that I currently use:  Fine Art America (Pixels), which is based in the US; and Art of Where, which is Canadian!
In terms of Customer Experience,  I’d rate Fine Art America (Pixels) as ‘pretty good’ and Art of Where as ‘great’; no company is perfect, so please proceed with due caution, as you would with any internet purchase.

About Fine Art America (Pixels)

Yellow Face Mask featuring the painting Yellow Surprise by Amy Ferrari
Fine Art American (Pixels) came on the scene first, as they were quick to offer imprinted face masks.  This is really not too surprising, being a rather large company with manufacturing partners throughout the US and beyond.  Fine Art America (FFA) offers a terrific variety of products from art prints, to tote bags, to shower curtains, to yoga matts, to t-shirts, and more.  Their most recent offering is the fabric face mask.  Every time I upload an image from one of my paintings to FFA, I am taken through a somewhat automated process of designing the placement of my image on each of their products.  Sometimes the images simply won’t work well for a certain product, so not all products are available for all designs.  As of this posting, I am up to date with uploading my most recent images.
The face masks from FFA are one size fits all masks which have a side pocket for an air filter.  Here is the description of the face mask on the FFA website:
The Center for Disease Control has recommended the use of cloth face masks to help fight the spread of COVID-19.
This face mask is made from 100% polyester and includes two woven, elastic loops for a comfortable, one-size-fits all fit.
Please note – this is NOT a surgical grade mask.  It is not intended for any medical or commercial uses, whatsoever.  It is a simple, cloth mask designed for everyday use to cover your mouth when out in public.  The mask should not be used in any medical or surgical setting.
We make no warranties that the mask prevents infections or the transmission of viruses or diseases.
10 – 15 business days
Here’s the link to check out the face masks I have available on Fine Art America (Pixels):

About Art of Where

After a couples months or so of FAA offering face masks, Art of Where (AOW), started to offer face masks as well.  Art of Where is a Canadian company based in Montreal.  All of their printing and sewing is done onsite in Montreal.  They even manufacture some of their fabrics!  AOW is a smaller company that puts a great emphasis on quality.  Their line of products is centered on their wearables, but they also provide art prints, pillow covers, notebooks, and more…..they will even print custom fabrics for you to sew with!  I am still in the process of adding my images facemasks on AOW.  Their uploading process for artists is a bit more demanding, thus the process of creating a collection of faces masks similar to my FFA collection is taking some time.  I am consistently growing the collection that as of now stands at around 24 mask designs!
AOW’s masks come in a selection of sizes and are more form fitting than the Fine Art America masks.
Here’s AOW’s description of their face masks:

Give yourself some extra peace of mind and protection with custom printed 100% cotton sateen face coverings! Available in multiple sizes with metal nose piece and an internal filter pocket, these coverings provide confidence in both safety and style.

Keep up with our changing world with 100% cotton custom printed face coverings!  Complete with a stainless steel nose piece, filter pocket and soft fabric elastics, these 200 thread count cotton sateen face coverings are here to give you a little more peace of mind.  Printed with permanent reactive inks, you can fill confident washing them over and over without fear of fading.  Stay safe and stylish with custom printed cut and sew face coverings.

Production time
1 to 5 items: ~25 business days
+ 3 business days per 6 items
Here’s the link to check out the face masks I have available on Art of Where:

You’ve Got Options!

If you see a design you like on the Fine Art America site but prefer the mask from the Art of Where site and you can’t find the same design on my Art of Where site, just let me know.  It’s absolutely easy and no problem for me to add it to the Art of Where site. (I’m still adding designs!)

The featured painting on this post is fresh from the studio:
Yellow Surprise
12 x 24   Acrylic on Canvas  2020


Abstract, Paintings and More!, Rambling and Raving

A Rambling Dream…

I had a dream last night involving weird happenings as our way of life went further into chaos.  People driving upside-down buses?!?  Anyway, the upheaval we are currently experiencing now was further amplified, and indeed in the dream, everything was much stranger.  Oddly enough, despite the upside-down bus incident in my dream, it wasn’t actually a nightmare.

The Covid pandemic has uncovered atrocities in our healthcare systems that are starting to spark changes.

Black people have been treated atrociously and the Black Lives Matter movement is starting to spark changes.

The horrid acts against our Native Peoples and all of our Peoples of Colour is causing outrage and is sparking changes.

The blatant lack of concern for our environment is causing outrage which is sparking changes.

The disregard for animals in our food supply is causing outrage which is sparking changes.

The blatant disregard for peoples’ wellbeing by our governments and big Pharma, big corporations, and big everything is causing outrage which is sparking changes.

The insatiable desire for more, for having the right to treat people like crap, and for having the right to disregard human decency is causing outrage which is sparking changes.

Being complacent in having racist, sexist, hateful, homophobic thoughts and actions is causing outrage which is sparking changes.

Everything shitty that privileged and power-hungry people are doing to hurt others and to hurt the environment is causing outrage which is sparking changes.

So much outrage!  It seems like a nightmare, but what keeps it from being a nightmare is the wee spark of hope that all this upheaval, as tragic and painful as it is and will continue to be, will bring lasting changes as we continue to look closer into our own hearts, our organizations, our businesses, and our governments.  Things get dicey for everyone, for a long time, but we are all forced by circumstances to reflect, feel compassion, and act upon making better decisions that lead to a better world for everyone…  EVERYONE…  every person, culture, species, race, country, gender, sexual orientation, age, color, religion, weirdness, etc.  EVERYONE.

I’m thinking my dream of upheaval and outrage is already a reality.  More than I know.  But I hold on to the optimistic hope that as a result, our world and ourselves will change for the better.  Perhaps we all need to figure out how to drive buses upside-down…. or at least how to make changes that seem impossible… POSSIBLE.

I have a lot of self-reflection to do and I’m wondering how I can reflect any of this in my art and actions.  At least for now, I will continue to create and share art that expresses my sense of positivity and harmony.

Here are three recent paintings that I hope are imbued with positivity, harmony, and love….



Exuberant Elativity
16 x 16  Acrylic on Canvas  2020

This painting is about the elation and exuberant happiness that bubbles up as a result of unconditional love.

Exuberant Elativity


Clarified Chaos
16 x 20  Acrylic on Canvas  2020

This painting is about the joy of thriving in chaotic environment because you know where everything is.

Clarified Chaos


Cerebral Memory Echo
24 x 30  Acrylic on Canvas  2020

This painting is a representation of a place where all things harmoniously flow together
with connectedness and free, loving expression.

Cerebral Memory Echo


EnGaged, But Blue

My Industrial Captivation Collection has grown.. by one painting.. so far.. so I’d like to share.

This one building continues to fascinate me.  The painting is a close-up of the monolithic blue monstrosity which I’ve already captured in the previous “Gage Street Steelway”.  I couldn’t help revisiting this structure.
So Much Blue.  So Many Curves!


EnGaged, But Blue
30 x 40  Acrylic on Canvas  2020

EnGaged, But Blue



Free PDF!

Time for Some Silly

With so many of us spending all this time at home in close… perhaps too close… quarters with our loved ones, I’m thinking there may be situations arising that call for some humour.

I’ve determined that this may be a good to open a window…
and share some good-natured rhyming fart humour from my Google-Eyed Snarkle Tarts in the form of a free downloadable PDF of my picture book,  “A Big #2” for a limited time.


This picture book features my Snarkle Tart characters presenting different ways to talk about poo’s.  The characters are captivatingly cute; and the poems that accompany each image will make you snicker!

Here’s a sample page featuring Ace Kid Mark (say it fast):

IMG_4364 copy

Click this link to download the Free PDF of “A Big #2”!

For optimal viewing of the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, under the “View” tab, be sure to choose the “Read Mode” and also choose the “Page Display” in order to select the “Two Page View”.  While you’re at it, under “Display Theme”,  be sure to select the “Dark Gray” option.

If you’d simply like to see the Snarkle Tarts painting collection, Click here!

For an even better reading experience, the iBook version is available for only $4.99 USD.

A Big Number 2 – by Amy Ferrari
iBooks Edition
Copyright © Amy Ferrari 2016

For a physical book, there are both hardcover and soft cover options available from Blurb.

A Big Number 2 – by Amy Ferrari
Print Copy available from Blurb in soft cover or hard cover.
Copyright © Amy Ferrari 2016


– An Artsy Fartsy Production!


NewHoosm copy

Paintings and More!

The Industrial Captivation Collection

This collection is the reason I have seemingly stopped posting my work for the last year.  I wanted to have a chance to present the paintings as a cohesive group, and had hoped to post the entire collection once I had an exhibition scheduled.  But since all things have changed,  I have decided that now would be a great time to share over a year’s worth of work.

Usually when people are thinking about the unique beauty to be enjoyed in and around the city of Hamilton (Ontario), the most prevalent thoughts immediately go to the escarpment, which lovingly looms over lower Hamilton.  While I greatly appreciate this natural beauty, what has recently captivated my eye is actually man-made.


Facets of Dofasco

Since moving to Hamilton and living in the east side of the city, I’ve been enamoured by the sky.  What really sticks out are the vertical plumes emanating from the industrial pipes throughout the industrial areas along the bay.  These vertical plumes are exciting!  Perhaps because vertical sky formations tend to be indicators of danger:  both tornados and smoke plumes from fires are sky formations that can indicate a fair amount of danger!

Parkdale Pipe Palace

The plumes, though ever-present, always manage to look different every day – depending on the atmospheric conditions.  Sometimes the plumes dissipate almost immediately, and sometimes they linger until you’re not sure whether you’re seeing plume trails or actual clouds… when does one become the other?  I do love how they animate the sky!  It brings a certain dynamic quality to the beloved tradition of cloud watching…. You’ve got to be quick to see that elephant or that fluffy bunny wafting by!

Skyward Deco Dance

As I’ve travelled around the industrial areas to try to get a better grip on what is going on in these steam-spewing industrial complexes, I’m captivated yet again by these pipe-laden cathedrals of industry.  These structures are metal monuments to complexity with perplexing organizational purpose.  It’s all so wonderfully mysterious!  Where do those pipes go?  What’s going on in those shiny tanks?  And why? I don’t really wish to know, as it’s much more fun to wonder and imagine.

The Bungee Busy-ness

The captivation factor of the industrial buildings is further enhanced by the architecture of the buildings, which is often rather brutal in scale with strange angles and catwalk-like structures strewn all around.  And the colors….!!!  Nowhere else do you see such brilliant colors in the environment!  Oh! the blues, aquas, and greens!  The yellows in the ladders, steps, and guardrails winding through and around the structures!  And the reds and oranges from the rusting smokestacks!  And the flames!  It’s such a spectacle that there are open flames coming from some of the stacks!

The Dofasco Experience

As dusk falls, the situation takes on an even more animated appearance, as the lights become an exciting visual factor, and the flames really steal the show! In the low light, the plumes take on an even more ominous appearance, especially as the lower plumes intertwine with the pipes and obliterate large chunks of the structure.

Gilded Haze at Hamilton Bay

I have indeed been captivated by all of these industrial sites, and thus decided to create a (still growing) collection of paintings portraying some of my favourite sites in the industrial area of Hamilton transformed by imagination.  Now, I’d like to share my vision of “Industrial Captivation” and hope to inspire a new appreciation for these crazy structures.

The Obleakly Netherlasting Grace
36 x 24  Acrylic on Canvas  2020

The Obleakly Netherlasting Grace
The Obleakly Netherlasting Grace

This image is from Beach Road.  I love the way these dreary yet colourful buildings seem to be striking a pose as they diminish into the distance.


Facets of Dofasco
48 x 24  Acrylic on Canvas  2019

Facets of Dofasco
Facets of Dafasco

This image is from atop the escarpment. The Dofasco factory is in the foreground, and Lake Ontario is in the background.

The Bungee Busy-ness
20 x 20  Acrylic on Canvas  2019

The Bungee Busy-ness
The Bungee Busy-ness

 The Bungee building on Burlington Street has always fascinated be with all the pipes going everywhere and the wonderful yellow/blue color combination.  But my favorite aspect of this particular building is the X-mas tree form looming above everything.

 Bountiful Busby Above the Blue
36 x 12  Acrylic on Canvas  2019

Bountiful Busby Above the Blue
Bountiful Busby Above the Blue

This building on Burlington Street is such an inexplicable expanse of bright blue!  But what really fascinated me was all the linear hair-like structures on top of the building!

Contrails From The Trellis
40 x 30  Acrylic on Canvas  2019

Contrails From the Trellis
Contrails From The Trellis

This amazing trellis-like structure is located near the north end of Parkdale.  It is one of the most prolific steam makers in town!  The pipe complexity is so fantastic that it almost appears as stained glass in some areas.  The two larger stacks on the left have two very faint steam trails drifting out… at least I hope that it’s steam.

Gilded Haze at Hamilton Bay
24 x 12  Acrylic on Canvas  2019

Gilded Haze at Hamilton Bay
Gilded Haze at Hamilton Bay

This is my rendition of one of the more iconic Hamilton Bay views as seen from the QEW. In this scene, the sun is going down and the lights are beginning to become pronounced.

 Rainbow Crown at Kenilworth
48 x 24  Acrylic on Canvas  2019

Rainbow Crown at Kenilworth
Rainbow Crown at Kenilworth

The building is viewed from the Nikola Tesla near the Kenilworth exit.  This particular view always appealed to me due to the rainbow colors of the stacks.  What really confounds me is why the aqua and green stacks are in the wrong order, with all the other colors being in perfect rainbow order.

Skyward Deco Dance
48 x 36  Acrylic on Canvas  2019

Skyward Deco Dance
Skyward Deco Dance

This is one of my favorite complexes and is viewed from the Nicola Tesla.  The volume of steam is usually quite proficient, and the buildings with angles remind me of an art deco theme.

The Dofasco Experience
36 x 36  Acrylic on Canvas  2019

The Dofasco Experience
The Dofasco Experience

This site is on Ottawa Street, and is perhaps as close to any of the structure that I been able to access.  I just really wonder what is going on with the large pipes that seem to go nowhere.

 Parkdale Pipe Palace
48 x 36  Acrylic on Canvas  2019

Parkdale Pipe Palace
Parkdale Pipe Palace

This is the complex at the north end of Parkdale.  Besides the drama of the steam trails in the sky, the aspect that most fascinated me about this scene is the yellow ladders and rails.

 Gage Street Steelway
30 x 24  Acrylic on Panel  2018

Gage Street Steelway
Gage Street Steelway

This site occurs near the intersection of Gage and Burlington Street.  With so many interesting forms, I think of this painting as a study in blue.

New Hoosmaller copy

Coloring Book PDF

MUKster Pages to Color – Free!

Years ago, I created a set of colouring pages for a colouring book based on some very silly characters I call MUKsters.  I’d like to offer the colouring book PDF download (4.4 MB) for free.

I hoping to add to the pool of activities available to engage those who are younger, or to engage those who are simply bored or need a distraction!

All of the images are based on pre-existing paintings, shown in the following graphic:

MUKsters!!! Colouring Pages Free! Downloadable PDF

Click Here to download the free PDF!



New Hoosmaller copy



Time for some Fresh Frivolous Fun!

It’s been a such a long time since posting, you may wonder what I’ve been up to and if indeed I’m still painting?!?

I’m very happy to announce that YESSSS!  I’ve been painting like a maniac!  So much so that my painting arm is not very happy with me lately.  While I refuse to stop painting, I am working on bringing a better balance to the physicality to my painting, thus giving my poor sore arm some relief.

I have created an entire collection entitled “Industrial Captivation” which is about the industrial scenes that I have come to love since I moved to Hamilton nearly two years ago.  Coming Soon!!! I will be sharing the entire collection next week.
Please stay tuned!

In the meantime, as we’re approaching the hopefully happier warmer months, I’d like to share some of my happiest recent abstract paintings,  just for a joyful, colourful distraction.

Frothing Festive Frivil-Flow

Frothing Festive Frivil-Flow” is yet another painting based on a page of random and experimental paint marks.  It’s not too big, the measurements are 36 by 24 inches.  It was such a fun piece to paint, I can’t help but think of it as an embodiment of pure joy.
It can be yours for $1600.00 CAD.


Wrangle Jangle

Wrangle Jangle” was created spontaneously as a study in colour and form.  This little study, at a mere 9 by 12 inches, turned out to be a perfect X-mas gift, so it’s no longer available, but…  I may decide to re-visit this composition on a much larger canvas, as it seems to want to be as big as its colourful attitude.


Loosely Structured Matrix

Loosely Structured Matrix” is a small 8 by 10 inch panel that is covered with a mosaic of dried acrylic tiles that I peeled up from my palettes over the past several months.  The black ‘grout’ lines are loosely stylized, uniting all the colourful tiles into a fun pop of colour!  This piece also turned out to be a very nice gift, but since I can’t seem to let go of collecting tiles from my dried palettes, I’m certain I’ll be making more pieces like this, especially since it is so much fun!



I am thoroughly enjoying getting back to doing abstract pieces, and will likely focus more on abstract painting, even as I sneak in a few more paintings into my “Industrial Captivation” collection, which I’ll be sharing soon!



New Hoosmaller copy

Abstract, paintings

Purple Beginnings

It’s a new year, and now is the time to boldly reinvent your surroundings!
For a fresh pop of purple to start your year, check out this recent trio fresh from my studio!

Purple Lyric 1

Purple Lyric 1
18 x 18  Acrylic on Canvas  2018  $350.00

Purple Lyric 2

Purple Lyric 2
18 x 18  Acrylic on Canvas  2018  $350.00

Purple Lyric 3 (small)
Purple Lyric 3 (smaller)

Purple Lyric 3 (smaller)
16 x 16  Acrylic on Canvas  2018  $300.00


Special Deal for all 3 “Purple Lyric” Paintings:
Purple Lyric 1 plus Purple Lyric 2 plus Purple Lyric 3 (smaller) = All 3 for $900.00
You save $100.00 when you purchase all 3!


Wishing Everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!



New Hoosmaller copy

Paintings and More!, Yellow

Fresh From the Easel!!!

Releasing Long-held Grievances
Into The Blinding Light of Love

Releasing Grievances Into The Blinding Light Of Love by Amy Ferrari

Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 48     2018

This is a recently finished painting that I worked on for almost six months.  So to have it finally finished is indeed a celebration!  Much of that six months was taken up by my relocation efforts moving my home from Waterloo to Hamilton.  But whenever I could steal a paint day, I’d find new ideas to try with the painting…

Reference Image

The thing I really love about doing abstract paintings is that the reference image, or, starting point, for the piece need not dictate the final piece in any way.  Which means I can fall down the rabbit hole with the painting for as long as it takes me.  This piece took me for quite a journey far far away from the source material which consisted of a few random drips of paint forming four figures.  The source material drips had inspired me because it hatched the thought of trying to create a piece that was about bringing out the dark grievances in life into the light of understanding and love.  It seemed like an important idea to chase, and chase it I did!  While the imagery evolved drastically, the concept of dissolving grievances with understanding remained a constant.  

The images of the four figures, though radically transformed, also remain somewhat intact.  Everybody has unspoken grievances, and usually it’s because it can be difficult to talk about the things that can lead to disagreements.  The grievances are stored in the dark vessels along the bottom of the picture.  The left-most figure happens to be the figure getting the most attention, and the grievances that are being aired mostly come from her.  This figure is deemed by me to be a ‘she’; her focus is her immediate neighbour, who I deem to be her partner. The two figures on the right are relatives and also serve as support for the couple.  As she is finally able to communicate her grievances, the darkness she had held inside dissipates into the yellow light as the understanding from her loved ones becomes evident.  The grievances are dissolved into smaller effervescent particle globs that are surrounded by the yellow light of love that bubble upwards and eventually dissipate into the yellow light of understanding.

While the exact issue that formed the grievances is not terribly important to the piece, I invite viewers to come up with their own ideas about that.  My only suggestion is that she may happen to be reaching the later stages of her childbearing years…   As well, the ultimate result of airing her grievances is not exactly important to the piece, and again, I invite the viewers to envision the ultimate resolution. I suggest that important point of resolving her grievances is that she was heard, appreciated, and loved by the most important  figures in her life.

While the painting is essentially about love and understanding, I am hoping that it is a visual treat with humour, warmth, and harmonious spirit with a presence of positivity.

I wish you all a very merry holiday season full of light and understanding and mostly, full of love.  🙂


New Hoosmaller copy


Relocation Update!

Apologies for my lack of updates….. it’s been a very busy time for me outside of my usual realm of posting about art and art shows and such!

As many of you may already know…. I am relocating my home from K-W to Hamilton! Marco’s job in Burlington has meant a lengthy commute for the past 6 months, and we’re looking forward to drastically improving that commute!

I’m going to miss everyone in K-W and truly appreciate the welcome and kindness everyone in the art community has extended to me over the past 11 years!

I want to extend an extra round to thanks to the folks at The Art District Gallery. I will miss my amazingly talented ADG peeps (past and present!) most of all!  As well, many thanks to the folks at Button Factory Arts; The City of Waterloo; Homer Watson House and Gallery; The City of Kitchener; Art$Pay; the participants of the past “Ferrari 500” shows, The Artists at Globe Studios; and the dedicated art lovers and collectors of the region. You all make the region and K-W a great place to be an artist!  I have indeed been fortunate to be part of such a great tribe of artists and art supporters!   Thank-you!!!

I only hope that I will find a new community half as welcoming in Hamilton. Having said that, Hamilton is not so far that I won’t be able to visit and also potentially participate on some shows!

The big moving day happens in mid-September – just a week away, and, gosh it will be such a relief to finally get settled in our new place…… and then to finally get back to the business of painting!!!


Here’s a couple pics of our new digs:

It’s a cute little house in a neighborhood of cute little houses!


Check out the sunroom at out new place!  Can’t wait to do some paintings in this space!  Mostly, I think the cat is going to love spend time here slumbering and spying on the squirrels and birds!



Woo Hoo!


Classes, Homer Watson House & Gallery

Color Workshop at Homer Watson!!

18149 Making the Most of Colour!

Register Online / Supply List

Over the course of a fast-paced and fun 3-hour session, we’ll get into the basics of colour harmony and colour usage, with simple exercises along the way, and plenty of time for questions! The lecture is great for beginning and intermediate level artists; for more experienced artists wanting a review; and for anyone simply fascinated by how and why we select our colours!

Adult Program with Amy Ferrari

Thursday, August 9, 2018

6:00 – 9:00 pm…$35/$40



New Hoosmaller copy