Googly-Eyed Snarkle Tarts!

All 15 Paintings in this collection came from reclaimed canvases from a previous project. The characters came first, as I was enjoying creating these light-hearted beings.  Then over some drinks, a few of my friends came up with the silly fart-related names. And eventually, I wrote little poems about each character. All of which became a self-published book – ‘A Big #2″ available from Blurb and I-tunes.

You can check out all 15 paintings with their funny names by clicking this link!
(All 15 paintings have been sold!)

The Snarkle Tart Book!!


This picture book features my Snarkle Tart characters presenting different ways to talk about poo’s.  The characters are captivatingly cute; and the poems that accompany each image will make you snicker!

Here’s a sample page featuring Ace Kid Mark (say it fast):

IMG_4364 copy

Click this link to download the Free PDF of “A Big #2”!

For optimal viewing of the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, under the “View” tab, be sure to choose the “Read Mode” and also choose the “Page Display” in order to select the “Two Page View”.  While you’re at it, under “Display Theme”,  be sure to select the “Dark Gray” option.

For an even better reading experience, the iBook version is available for only $4.99 USD.

A Big Number 2 – by Amy Ferrari
iBooks Edition
Copyright © Amy Ferrari 2016

For a physical book, there are both hardcover and soft cover options available from Blurb.

A Big Number 2 – by Amy Ferrari
Print Copy available from Blurb in soft cover or hard cover.
Copyright © Amy Ferrari 2016

Snarkle Tart Merchandise!!

Snarkle Tart Merchandise is available on Fine Art America

Smelly Nellie Framed Print
Smelly Nellie Framed Print