Amy’s Art

“I celebrate colour as a glorification of life.  
My vision is that vibrant, joyous potential thrives in everybody, everything, and in every situation.”

Amy Ferrari Art Catalog

You can check out an abridged catalog of Amy’s entire body of work: Portfolio

Amy Ferrari Art Categories

You can easily check out all the different categories of my work by clicking on the links below.

All Available Paintings

Check out all of my available paintings complete with price and size information here!


It seems that trees have a unique stance, a unique expression, and unique way to embrace the sky. Check out my tree paintings here!

Expressions From the Floressence

With the simple act of observing flowers, we have the opportunity to be reminded of the extraordinary positivity of life and living. Check out all of my recent flower paintings here!

Industrial Captivation

While not generally perceived as beautiful, industrial scenes can be captivating! Check out my versions of some local industrial sites in Hamilton!


I’m always searching for landscape images that speak to me. Check out my interpretations from my recent journeys!

Lively Abstracts

Abstract art gives me the perfect opportunity to create images that provoke the concepts of joy!


The joyful results of finding the organic nature in the machine! Check out how easily the mechanical elements can morph into a lively spectacle!

Commissioned Work

Check out my recent commissioned work here! What can I paint for you?

Portraits and Figures

Portraiture is always an amazing challenge, provides so many opportunities for finding colors in the tones of skin and shapes in the folds of clothing!

Googly-Eyed SnarkleTarts

Some silly big-eyed creatures sporting inappropriate names! Check out all 15 in the collection!


It seems that trees have a unique stance, a unique expression, and unique way to embrace the sky. Check out my tree paintings here!


Mother Nature… A ceaselessly irresistible source of inspirational organic forms!

Art Collections

Amy tends to create paintings in terms of collections, featuring a particular subject matter such as flowers, trees, or industrial scenes. Here are the links to the stories about some of her recent collections.

The Serene Yellow Spaces Story
TreeCentricity: The Story
The Industrial Captivation Story
Googly-Eyed Snarkle Tarts

The Art Related Art

In addition to paintings, Amy has created additional imagery based on drawings (doodles!), based on paintings, or based on the process of painting.

Artifacts are panels covered with Amy’s paint shirts, creating very personally textured abstract pieces!
Artifacts: Paint Shirt Art

Pen and Ink Drawings
Drawing is indeed the foundation upon which my unique curvilinear style evolved! Here are some available simple pen and ink drawings on paper in various sizes.

Pen and Ink Postcard Drawings
Pen and Ink Drawings

Limited-Edition Prints
I am no longer offering the Signed Limited-Edition Prints since the Ferrari Printing operations are currently shut down. However, there are some prints that have been created that remain available and thus are listed in the categories below.

Prints: Head Cases
Prints: Skulls
Prints: Googly-Eyed Snarkle Tarts
Prints: LandShapes
Prints: Flowers
Prints: Trees
Prints: Commissioned Work

Art Commissions

Amy is happy to consider commissions! It’s easy!
Click here for more information!


There’s more than one way to acquire Amy’s art!

Quality prints are available via Fine Art America
Fun wearables are available via Art of Where
Plus, there’s all kind of other fun stuff to order imprinted with art!
To find out about all the Amy Ferrari Art merchandise, click this link!

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email: