Art-Mersion was a two-part event, kicked-off by an art exhibition featuring Amy Ferrari’s new collection, “Serene Yellow Spaces” on Friday, March 13, 2015 at Button Factory Arts.  The following Saturday’s event was more geared towards the exploration of the many amazing technology exhibits that featured greater experience with Amy’s art through technology.

Many thanks to all the exhibitors that made Art-Mersion such a success! And special thanks to Frank Chen, for generously sharing his talent and music; to REAP for allowing us to borrow some impressive technology; to Button Factory Arts for a most wonderful space, and especially Jennifer Janik, who made it all happen.

Below is more about some of the exhibits:

Explore Art Emotionally – Using the MUSE Brain Sensor, use your brain activity to interact with “Amy’s Garden”.  As you relax, the garden calms down. As you get more excited, the garden will join you in your excitement!  Plus, you get to immerse yourself in the 4’x4′ Christie MicroTile Wall. (Created by Kirk Zurell)
Augmented Reality – See how the paintings evolved from the original inspiration source through to the final painting. You’ll also hear Amy Ferrari tell the story behind the painting. (Created by Amy and Marco Ferrari)
Virtual Reality – Immerse yourself in a virtual art gallery and explore the space with a collection of Amy’s paintings. (Created by Bernie Roehl)
Dance With Art – Using the Kinect sensor to capture your gestures, you will be able to Dance and modify digital images of Amy’s paintings and morph them into your own unique creation.  (Created by Glen Mead – Music by Allan Robb)
Browse a Digital Gallery – Relax comfortably and move the gallery around you by waving your hand. The Kinect Sensor allows you to control and explore a digital gallery of art from the comfort of your seat.  (Created by Alessandro Marin and John Mead)
Take a Closer Look – Using a touch screen, zoom in for a closer look on your favourite painting or video. Move around to explore what you want to see. (Created by Brian Wannamaker)
Discover Art –  We used the GestureTek Cube to project images onto the floor and allow you to step on the images to play with them and uncover them. (Created by Marco Ferrari)
The Language of Music – Frank Chen has chosen some of his latest music to communicate his impression of the journey through the creation of this “Serene Yellow Spaces” exhibit. Amy and Frank have worked together to understand each other through images and sound and we think you’ll be delighted to take the audio journey through the evolution of the exhibit.
Follow the Process – Amy has prepared a slide show of how the “Serene Yellow Spaces” exhibit has developed. She also has filled the showcase with original sketches.