My mission is to create art that enhances creativity, positivity, and happiness in any environment. And to share my passion and vision with anyone that can be inspired. So when I discovered sites that would imprint my art onto all kinds of stuff, I couldn’t help jumping on board!

Below are my favorite imprinting sites.

Fine Art America       Zazzle        Art of Where      Blurb     iBooks Store

Disclaimer Alert!!!
I’ve searched out many websites that provide imprinting services upon demand, and narrowed down the services to the four on this page.  Though my research leads me to use these companies, I cannot directly vouch for any of their manufacturers or the products I’ve chosen to offer my designs on. The quality of these items varies from super great to just passable, so please be aware that I am not guaranteeing any of these products myself.   Please contact the merchandiser directly if you have any questions or issues about your order.  So if you’re interested in ordering any item from one of these print-on-demand sites, please proceed with usual high level of caution that is prudent when ordering anything online.

How it Works…
I have very little to do with the actual manufacturing, as I merely provide a digital image and the manufacturer does all the rest.  Once the manufacturer receives the orders directly from you, the customer, the manufacturer creates and ships the merchandise ordered. For the use of my design, I receive a tiny percentage of each item sold with an imprint of my work.  Yay!

Other Providers
If you check out my Links page, you’ll see links to additional providers I have worked with.  If you have a different imprinting service that you prefer to deal with, please let me know.  I’m happy to set up my images with their products if possible.

If you can’t find the item you’d like imprinted with the image you’d like, please let me know, and I’ll do all I can to make the item/image combination available.

Fine Art America

I’ve chosen Fine Art America as the main provider of my unsigned and unlimited edition art prints because they seem to be dedicated to artists; they have a good user interface; they have a good reputation; and they offer a wide variety of high quality prints, along with other interesting items.  I add images to Fine Art America regularly, and sometimes you can find a painting there that have yet to upload to my main websites!

•Art prints on Paper:
     a large selection of size, paper, framing, matting, and mounting possibilities 
•Art prints on Canvas:
     a large selection of canvas sizes, canvas framing, canvas sheen, and wrap treatments
•Art prints on sheets of Metal or Acrylic:
     a large selection of sheet sizes, and a nifty stand-off mounting option
•Art prints on Greeting Cards:
     customizable greeting cards available as singles, packs of 10, or packs of 25

•iPhone and Galaxy Cases
•Tote Bags
•Throw Pillows
•Duvet Covers
•Shower Curtains
•T-shirts and Onesies
•Cloth Masks


I’ve chosen Zazzle as the main provider of my general merchandise selections because Zazzle has a good reputation; most of the items allow for customer customization; and they have an irresistibly large range of print-on-demand merchandise. The Zazzle possibilities are vast, and their interface is not as direct as Fine Art America, so I rarely upload my images here, so please let me know if there’s an item/image combination you’d like to see. I’ll do my best to make it available asap!

•Throw Pillows
•Tote Bags
•Blankets  so nifty to be able to wrap yourself in art!
•Fabrics  a wide range of materials and customization options
•Post-It Notes  a cool collection of some of my doodle figures
•Calendars  Customizable Flower painting calendar; customizable Tree painting calendar
•Onesies  a very cute collection of Snarkle Tarts!
•Ties  if you’re required to wear a tie, it may as well be unique!

Art of Where

Art of Where is a Montreal-Based Canadian company specializing in creating unique apparel from custom printed fabrics.  I’m so excited about this company because their high quality sublimation printing process allows for the art to be imprinted on the entire piece, not just sections of it.  And the flexibility of their online design tool allows for many versions of a single item from just one image file.  The variations are too much fun to come up with!  So far, I have chosen to focus my designs on:

•Leggings and Capris     Are you funky enough for these leggings?!  Oh My!
•Scarves     For when you need that extra pop of color!
•Skirts    Are the skirts tamer than the leggings?  Hard to say….!
•Beanie hats.   So much fun! These beanies come with a choice of linings.
•Cloth Masks.  These are new, so I haven’t had a chance to add many masks….yet!


Blurb is specifically dedicated to the on-demand publishing of books.

I wrote a book!  Well, actually, I just wrote silly poems to accompany my Snarkle Tart images, and turned it into a photo book!   Hopefully, you enjoy fart humour….

A Big Number 2‘ features my Snarkle Tart characters presenting different ways to talk about poo’s.  The characters are captivatingly cute; and the poems that accompany each image will make you snicker!

So far, I only have one physical book version (softcover) available for printing on demand. ‘A Big Number 2‘ is also available in both iPad and PDF e-formats.

Softcover Version     PDF Version     E-book version

I have ordered and received all 3 versions,  and I certainly recommend them all!

iBooks Store

My book, ‘A Big Number 2‘ features my Snarkle Tart characters presenting different ways to talk about poo’s – and it is now available on iBooks!   This is a photo book with silly poems to accompany each of my Snarkle Tart images.   The characters are captivatingly cute; and the poems that accompany each image will make you snicker….if you enjoy fart humour…

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