On September 19, 2015 at Kitchener City Hall I presided over another paint-by-number tiling project. This project was brought to you by KWARTZ Lab Maker Space, and was a small part of Waterloo Region’s 2015 Maker Expo.

Below is a pic of me working on preparing some of the 105 tiles… which completed a sizeable 4ft by 8ft painting!


A heartfelt thanks to the people of Kitchener for helping me paint 105 tiles at the 2015 Maker Expo!


IMG_20150919_130221 IMG_20150919_152608

IMG_20150919_155645   Slowly, the image appears!


IMG_1718   A very nicely painted tile! (4-N)


Even during the wind and rain, participants of all ages stopped by my Crowd Painting booth to paint a tile via the paint-by-numbers method, and made it a success!  And major thanks to KW’s KWARTZ Lab for making it happen!

11215182_10207649876755604_2867819085372654850_n   The painting table.

IMG_1716  The drying table.

The design of the robot was a collaborative effort between myself and my Marco.  Who can resist a good old-fashioned robot!  This robot’s name is KWARTZ-Bot in honour of KWARZ Lab, and he’s somewhat taunting everyone to MAKE stuff!  The 1’s and 0’s spell out ‘KWARZ’ in binary code.  There are 3 giant USB ports just above the legs, and a circuit board mid-section – just in case it’s not apparent from the picture.


Special thanks to Doug, Kerri, Brett, Madelaine, Deborah, Matt, Jennifer, Wendy, and of course, Marco, for all your extra help and support!  🙂

IMG_1727  IMG_1721