About Amy


I am an independent contemporary artist specializing in the art of transformation.

My Mission is to create art that enhances creativity, positivity, and happiness in any environment.  And then to share my passion and vision with anyone that can be inspired.

Visual Optimism

I am always bombarded by tons of visual interest. 
It’s just that what I see as fascinating doesn’t even register with most people. 
So I would like my work to encourage everyone to slow down and take another look;
 see through a lens of imagination, fun and mystery;
 and revel in all the wonderful details.

My method is a process of intuitive transformation. From any group of elements, either abstract or more representational, I’ll alter the lines, shapes, colours, etc., until I achieve a harmonious, flowing balance.

I celebrate colour as a glorification of life.
My vision is that vibrant, joyous potential
in everybody,
and in every situation.

Amy Ferrari Art is……

  • now relocated to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  • about sharing the art and passion of Amy Ferrari

Questions?  Comments?  Interested in a purchase?  Email me at AmyFcar@aol.com

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