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I celebrate colour as a glorification of life.  My vision is that vibrant, joyous potential thrives in everybody, everything, and in every situation.

My current work is acrylic on canvas.
The links below will navigate to different categories of my art on my site!


Introducing… my ArtMoi Catalog!
I have created website that specifically displays my entire catalog of paintings.
This ArtMoi archival site is extremely easy to navigate, and makes keeping my images updated much less cumbersome… it’s almost automatic!

The Artwork tab takes you to a single place where you find every single painting (a lifetime of work!)  that I have created (minus the pieces I choose not to share online due to a lack of availability of quality images).  Some of these paintings are available for sale, but most are no longer available… you’ll easily be able to see complete image(s) with all the details when click on the thumbnail image.  It’s quite the archival reference!  If you want to get a comprehensive sense of what my art is about, this is the perfect place to browse images. It’s interesting to see how the art has evolved over the years.

Since there are so, so, so many pieces to navigate, ArtMoi happily offers a Collections page which allows me to organize the art into categories they call ‘Collections’.


The Collections tab takes you a gallery of all of my usual categories of art. (You can always find my Collections link at the top right corner of this website, right below my ‘home’ link.)  As well, I am listing all of the categories here, complete with descriptions, representative images, and imbedded links which will take you directly to each collection on the ArtMoi site.


InkScape Nuance

All Available Paintings

Ready to own a Ferrari Painting?
The above link will take to my collection of available pieces.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions!


Industrial Captivation

This is my most recent special collection.
These paintings are my interpretations of many industrial sites found in Hamilton, Ontario.  Check out the entire Industrial Captivation Story here!


The Seasonal IndusTreeprnt


TreeCentricity is a special collection featuring all of my tree paintings.
Check out the TreeCentricity Story here.


Tree Amigos

Land Shapes

This collection includes my entire catalog of landscape paintings!



Relearning Gravitational Resistance

Lively Abstracts

This category include all of my pure abstract paintings.
Abstract is my favorite category to create,
as these paintings are perfectly unencumbered expressions of harmony.



Expressions From the Florescence

This is a special collection featuring of all of my flower paintings.


Mechano (ArtMoi Catalog)

Mechano is another special collection of paintings.
This collection features abstracted machines, technology, engines, and vehicles!



Figures and Portraits

Portrait and Figure work is perhaps the most thrilling challenge of all!


Serene Yellow Spaces

Serene Yellow Spaces

This is a special collection about restorative spaces that are both energizing and calming, resulting in an amazing positive atmosphere where good things can and will happen.
Check out the complete “Serene Yellow Spaces” story.




This collection features all of my plant centered paintings
that don’t fit into either ‘TreeCentricity’ or ‘Expressions From the Floressence’ groupings.
Many pieces in this group feature abstracted food images.
I’m looking forward to expanding this food-based collection in the near future!



Loof Love

Commissioned Work

These are some paintings that I’ve created for other people…
What can I paint for you?
Find out more about how to commission an Amy Ferrari Art painting here!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions!



Post Pourdown Puddle Party

Available Smalls

This collection of paintings isn’t included elsewhere on my ArtMoi site since these are such minor works.  I decided to include this collection of smaller (smaller than 12 x 12) paintings for those looking for original art that is super-easy to afford.



Holely Guy    


The MUKsters are coming to you from the whacked mind of Marco Ferrari,
and through my own interpretations in line and color.  It’s mostly a fun and lighthearted view of some of the more inglorious and MUKky facets of being human. More than likely, you’ll be able to relate to some of these guys.
I’ve created a set of coloring pages featuring the MUKsters, as well as some nifty merchandise… Check out the additional MUKky offerings here!



Googly-Eyed Snarkle Tarts

All 15 Paintings in this collection came from reclaimed canvases from a previous project. The characters came first, as I was enjoying creating these light-hearted beings. Then over some drinks, a few of my friends came up with the silly fart-related names. And eventually, I wrote little poems about each character. All of which became a self-published book – ‘A Big #2″ available from Blurb and I-tunes.
Check out all of  the ‘Snarkle Tart’ offerings here!


Dread Dancedoctored

Available Pen & Ink Drawings

Available Pen & Ink Postcards

These little drawings represent the genesis of my journey into art.
I started my creative journey simply by creating these simple doodle-like drawings.
These are not found elsewhere on my ArtMoi site, but I wanted to include both drawing collections here because these are absolutely the easiest Ferrari originals to own.



SenTrees Of The Grapes

Available Signed Limited Edition Archival Prints

Artist-signed, limited-edition archival prints (archival ink on archival paper) produced by Amy Ferrari Art.  These prints are designed to last a lifetime.


Available Googly-Eyed Snarkle Tart Prints  (Signed Limited Edition Archival Prints)

All of the Googly-Eyed Snarkle Tart Paintings have been sold, but happily, prints are available!


Available Head Cases  (Signed Limited Edition Archival Prints)

A selection of available signed limited edition prints featuring original painting images virtually wrapped upon virtual head forms.


Available Skull Prints  (Signed Limited Edition Archival Prints)

A selection of available signed limited edition prints featuring original painting images virtually wrapped upon virtual skull forms.


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