About Trees…

Golden Treesprnt
A Collection of Tree Paintings 
Opening Reception:
Sunday, February 4 | 2 – 4 pm
Meet the Artist Talk:
Saturday, February 24 | 1 – 3 pm
Homer Watson House and Gallery
Hope to see you there!

As my exhibition approaches, I feel compelled to try to explain why I’ve been so concentrated on trees….

Why dedicate a year to painting trees?

The reasons to focus on trees are innumerable, from environmental issues to the irrepressible Groot; trees seem to be taking the forefront of my consciousness, and they may not let up on me anytime soon.


Since my work is decidedly abstracted, depicting the physical reality of trees is always a creative challenge.  What kind of form language can I invent for trees?  How much can I abstract a tree and still have it read as’ ‘tree’?  What are the essential aspects of trees?  What is the most important thing that a representation of a tree has to say?   These questions are endlessly fascinating to me, and still, I believe there is much more to do and explore.


The ubiquitous nature of trees propels me even further.  They are always just there, buffering the sky from the ground; softening the harshness of urban landscapes.  And if you’re not paying attention to them, you could miss out on so much poetry about living, personality, and stability.  And even if you’re not paying attention, the trees are there, giving you clues about the world you’re in.  They’ll tell you what season you’re in, or about the stillness of the air.  Every year, I marvel at their autumn display of yellows, oranges, and reds; their winter displays of branching structures with collections of glorious frozen water crystals, their spring displays of fresh yellow-green renewal, and their summer displays of lush, sheltering canopy.  I’m especially captivated by their dances with the wind.  But all it takes is to see, to notice, and appreciate; and then, you’re opened to a world where trees become individuals with personalities and attitude, just waiting to have their story told.  I believe part of their purpose is to inspire us with their quiet strength and sense of community.


As someone who strives to capture positivity with paint, I believe focusing on trees can help to center us and bring us back into alignment with the flow, harmony and wisdom of life. I imagine that trees are trying to teach us how to be strong and majestic, even with all of our flaws.  Through my Sunday drives through rural regions, I commune with the trees, and capture images of the trees whose voices seem to be loudest, and whose accompanying landscape and sky are the best counterpart to enhance the tree’s expression.  I imagine the trees are communicating with the sky and the heavens, and translating those messages to those of us scurrying along the ground.



New Hoosmaller copy

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