Relocation Update!

Apologies for my lack of updates….. it’s been a very busy time for me outside of my usual realm of posting about art and art shows and such!

As many of you may already know…. I am relocating my home from K-W to Hamilton! Marco’s job in Burlington has meant a lengthy commute for the past 6 months, and we’re looking forward to drastically improving that commute!

I’m going to miss everyone in K-W and truly appreciate the welcome and kindness everyone in the art community has extended to me over the past 11 years!

I want to extend an extra round to thanks to the folks at The Art District Gallery. I will miss my amazingly talented ADG peeps (past and present!) most of all!  As well, many thanks to the folks at Button Factory Arts; The City of Waterloo; Homer Watson House and Gallery; The City of Kitchener; Art$Pay; the participants of the past “Ferrari 500” shows, The Artists at Globe Studios; and the dedicated art lovers and collectors of the region. You all make the region and K-W a great place to be an artist!  I have indeed been fortunate to be part of such a great tribe of artists and art supporters!   Thank-you!!!

I only hope that I will find a new community half as welcoming in Hamilton. Having said that, Hamilton is not so far that I won’t be able to visit and also potentially participate on some shows!

The big moving day happens in mid-September – just a week away, and, gosh it will be such a relief to finally get settled in our new place…… and then to finally get back to the business of painting!!!


Here’s a couple pics of our new digs:

It’s a cute little house in a neighborhood of cute little houses!


Check out the sunroom at out new place!  Can’t wait to do some paintings in this space!  Mostly, I think the cat is going to love spend time here slumbering and spying on the squirrels and birds!



Woo Hoo!


7 thoughts on “Relocation Update!”

  1. We are all going to miss you. You have always been a joy to be around.
    I wish you all the best in your new home and city. Hamilton’s art community will be very fortunate to have you join them.

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  2. That sun room is going to make an amazing studio! You are going to be sorely missed. Your free and easy smile, and kind nature always made collaborating with you a joy! Hamilton has no idea how lucky it is. 🙂
    I hope you settle in quickly, and I’m looking forward to seeing what inspiration you take from the escarpment.
    Your friend, nik.

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