Time for some Fresh Frivolous Fun!

It’s been a such a long time since posting, you may wonder what I’ve been up to and if indeed I’m still painting?!?

I’m very happy to announce that YESSSS!  I’ve been painting like a maniac!  So much so that my painting arm is not very happy with me lately.  While I refuse to stop painting, I am working on bringing a better balance to the physicality to my painting, thus giving my poor sore arm some relief.

I have created an entire collection entitled “Industrial Captivation” which is about the industrial scenes that I have come to love since I moved to Hamilton nearly two years ago.  Coming Soon!!! I will be sharing the entire collection next week.
Please stay tuned!

In the meantime, as we’re approaching the hopefully happier warmer months, I’d like to share some of my happiest recent abstract paintings,  just for a joyful, colourful distraction.

Frothing Festive Frivil-Flow

Frothing Festive Frivil-Flow” is yet another painting based on a page of random and experimental paint marks.  It’s not too big, the measurements are 36 by 24 inches.  It was such a fun piece to paint, I can’t help but think of it as an embodiment of pure joy.
It can be yours for $1600.00 CAD.


Wrangle Jangle

Wrangle Jangle” was created spontaneously as a study in colour and form.  This little study, at a mere 9 by 12 inches, turned out to be a perfect X-mas gift, so it’s no longer available, but…  I may decide to re-visit this composition on a much larger canvas, as it seems to want to be as big as its colourful attitude.


Loosely Structured Matrix

Loosely Structured Matrix” is a small 8 by 10 inch panel that is covered with a mosaic of dried acrylic tiles that I peeled up from my palettes over the past several months.  The black ‘grout’ lines are loosely stylized, uniting all the colourful tiles into a fun pop of colour!  This piece also turned out to be a very nice gift, but since I can’t seem to let go of collecting tiles from my dried palettes, I’m certain I’ll be making more pieces like this, especially since it is so much fun!



I am thoroughly enjoying getting back to doing abstract pieces, and will likely focus more on abstract painting, even as I sneak in a few more paintings into my “Industrial Captivation” collection, which I’ll be sharing soon!



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