Amy Ferrari Art Updates!

It seems that change happens whether you instigate it or not! I have two major changes to announce, as two of my service providers have opted out of being in business. And, as always, there is new art to share!

New Archival Site

First, my archival catalog site, Artmoi, is no longer in business. This was a huge bummer for me, and involved a great deal of extra work! For now, will take you to Artmoi, but there really isnt anything there. Soon, I hope to redirect the site to my usual website,

Happily, I now have a new site for you to check out all of my work.
Artwork Archive is my new catalog site, and you can check out all of my work here: Portfolio
You can also browse my work by category: Collections
And to keep tabs on what’s new and available, you can check out: All Available Art
You can easily access all of these pages from my website, which is still

No More Wearables!

Additionally, my wearables site, Art of Where, is no longer hosting artist stores online as of May, 2023. While I am still able to create wearables with Art of Where, it is no longer is a very simple matter to maintain a site set up to sell my designs online. Therefore, I am opting out of the wearables market. It’s really too bad, because the beanie hats were so much fun! Perhaps providing wearables online is something that I’ll revisit in the future, but for now my focus is on creating original art!

Almost A Diptyck

I have a new pair of paintings to share! These two pieces have the same palette, and work really well together!

The main piece is “Sudden Summer Awakening”, and is 36 x 48, acrylic on canvas.

The companion painting is “Summer Morning Glee” and is smaller at 16 x 16, acrylic on canvas.

I couldn’t help coming up with a cheesy little poem to express my feelings about these two pieces:

After the storm, looking up to sky

The blue sits beyond, steadily high

The wind whips the boughs as the clouds fluff on by.

And the sunshine streams wildly, expecting to fly.

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