The Ferrari 500 is at Catalyst 137!!

It’s coming up before you know it – Friday, May 25th at Catalyst 137!
You won’t want to miss it!!

Catalyst 137  (137 Glasgow, Kitchener)

I am delighted and honoured to present the 33 artists who will be participating in the upcoming Ferrari 500! Such a diverse and talented group!!!

Cathy Amos
Michele Braniff
Dominique Cinq-Mars Delay
Jennifer Depencier
Barb Di Renzo Moore
Carolyn Dix
Diana Erb
Cathy Farwell
Amy Ferrari
Anne Filiatrault
Frances Gregory
Jennifer Gough
Faith Hieblinger
Maria Holland
Greg Kirch
Annette Kraft van Ermel
Desiree Lichty
Christina MacLellan
Shaun McFee
Paint by Munzy
Roslyn Ramsay
Steven Restagno
Pamela Rojas-Perez
Jax Rula
John Rula
Liz Skelton
Logan Soeder
Maca Suazo
Elvan Konedrali Suzer
Terry Torra
Sheila Trinkaus
Ralf Wall
Trevor Waurechen

Why Go to the Ferrari 500???

The Ferrari 500 aims to help support our local visual artists by providing a lucrative opportunity specifically designed to promote sales of original art along with original art-related merchandise.

Amos, Open Barn, acrylic on canvas,
Open Barn by Cathy Amos

The $500 price cap is meant to inspire buyers! Many people are intimidated by the prospect of buying art; and knowing that every single item in the show is priced at $500 or under, allows our art lovers to wander through our displays, knowing any single piece that they fall in love with is within the realm of relative affordability!

peculiar breeze 3 (2)
Peculiar Breeze 3 by Annette Kraft van Ermel

This also gives our artists a chance to explore their possibilities for presenting work at lower price points. This could mean our artists are offering smaller works, experimental works, reproductions of works, or even some older works that are in need of forever homes where they can bee seen and loved, rather than stored away. You just never know what wonders you will find!

Liz Skelton. Inti. (spirit of the sun) 30X40. $550
Inti. (Spirit of the Sun) by Liz Skelton

Many art events restrict artists from selling their own reproductions of their original works, insisting on showing and selling only the original hand crafted items. While the Ferrari 500 deeply appreciates this focus on original handcrafted art, we also wish to provide a rare opportunity for artists to expand the income producing potential of each work of original art by allowing artists to sell reproductions and original art-imprinted merchandise. Which means even more affordable options for our art lovers.

Splitting Ground by Trevor Waurechen

And fall in love with art they will!! We have a roster of 33 professional artists oozing with creativity, offering refreshing, colourful perspectives expressed through their original art. Our art lovers will have a chance to engage with the artists to unlock even more insights into the art being presented.

Necklace by Barb Di Renzo

And to further inspire our art lovers to become art collectors, each artist has agreed to donate 10% of their night’s sales to an amazing organization, House of Friendship, who supports Waterloo Region’s low-income residents by offering assistance and support (Addiction Services, Community Services, Housing Services).

Morning Splendour_16x12_Web preview
Morning Splendour by Anne Filiatrault

Just for showing up to our event, our art lovers will be given door prize tickets… a chance to win a valuable piece of artist-donated art or art-related item … for free!! The door prizes will be announced at 6:30, 7:30, and lastly, at 8:30. The lucky winners need to be present to win!

Ferrari DoorPrize
Door Prize Donation by Amy Ferrari

Lastly, in addition to a table full of enticing nibbles, you will have access to our lively cash bar, featuring selected beers, wines, and an original moonshine concoction provided by Moondance Whiskey

Midnight Liaison by MoonDance Whiskey

For this rendition of the Ferrari 500, MoonDance Whiskey is providing a stunning custom cocktail  entitled “Midnight Liaison”.  It’s so pretty, I might even base a painting on this beautiful drink! Can’t wait to try it!

See you there!!!




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