The Art-Mersion Manifesto


The Region of Waterloo can do it MEGA better.

Art-Mersion: The Region of Waterloo can do it MEGA better.

Having been celebrated has a micro-silicon valley, with start-ups sprouting like springtime tulips, it would seem the Region of Waterloo would be leaders – the AUTHORITY – when it comes to using our technological expertise to uplift our community through art.

Why, when we have so much local talent, are we required to trek to Toronto and beyond to experience the mega talents and the mega shows??

We have the mega talent here.
We have established and emerging artists right here in Region of Waterloo in all fields of art. The sad part is that most of our community has no idea such talent exists here. Wouldn’t it be cool if all of our community knew about our local artists, supported our local artists, and helped propel our local artists to even greater artistry and expand the reach of their mega talents?

We have the mega talent here.
We have vast resources of tech people and companies, with creativity, insightfulness, and intelligence oozing throughout our community. Wouldn’t it be appropriate and amazing if our tech sector spearheaded the charge for propelling our artists (who bring enduring vitality and livability to our community) through our uniquely local ability to utilize existing and emerging technologies?

We have the mega talent here.
Our community has such a history with the tech sector, that much of our greater community has been involved in tech industry roles. This also means that many people in our region have the ability to be the collaborative bridge between the artistic and tech groups. Often these skill sets are perceived to be at polar ends of the communication spectrum, but great things emerge when those skills are combined.

Art-Mersion Philosophy

Art-Mersion is focused on using interactive technologies to experience all kinds of Art. We believe that by bringing Art and Technology together, we can create something that is more than the sum of its parts. How can you use Technology to enjoy, understand and interpret art from different perspectives?

Technology can be used to build a deeper relationship to the Art and the artist. Technology can communicate the story behind the Art, explore components of the Art, connect to the emotions behind the Art and expand how you can relate to the Art. Let’s step beyond the typical and see what emerges.

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