Finding A New Direction…

I am so happy to present a new painting that is now available!  This piece was based on a photo of a white rose.

PonderRose    30 x 40    $900.00


When I created PondeRose, I thought I was planning to pursue a new direction for a new collection of work.  I thought this new collection was going to be based on the ideas of expansiveness, quietude, and a Zen-like peacefulness.

Because my mind-space was so cluttered with gallery business and other projects, I felt like I needed the relief of some big stretches of space.  But now that my mind-space is much less cluttered, my outlook for my new work seems to want to be somewhat more exuberant than PoderRose.

With the coming of a new year, I finally have a chance to delve deep into my painting, and work on building a new collection of work!  The purpose of my journey is to explore and develop some totally new ideas and bold directions, and I’m so happy to have an unfettered expanse of time to do it.  At least for the near future, I am continuing to suspend teaching regular classes at Button Factory Arts (though I may sneak in a workshop here and there!) and auspiciously, I am no longer a member at Art District Gallery.  I’ve also embraced the recent move of my studio from Button Factory Arts to my basement.  All of this also means that I will be missing all of my friends from ADG and BFA for a while…  but that doesn’t mean I won’t be back again in the future.  🙂    I am so looking forward to seeing what develops in 2016!

And… to be sure… I’m still accepting commissions, selling my work, and coming up with more ideas for sharing my work!


New Hoosmaller copy


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