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Art on a Toilet?


In the world of merchandising, it seems the possibilities are endless….
It only seems right to mention I can also put my art on:


Toilet Seat Covers.  Who knew? – but Yes.

Toilet Tattoos® is a hygienic, removable appliqué for the toilet lid.  Made from electrostatic vinyl film, this toilet seat decoration wipes clean and is reusable.  In just 3 easy steps, peel, place and smooth, you can transform the look of your lid.  Proudly made in the USA, this patent pending innovation is the modern way to enhance the toilet.  A bathroom accessory that is quick, clean, simple and changeable.  Toilet Tattoos are the only way to crown your throne™.


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Silk Boxers?  You know it!



Lamp Shades?  Okidokie!



Can Cozies?  Of course.




Jigsaw Puzzles?   How could I not?  252 pieces in a 11″ x 14″ puzzle makes for a lovely afternoon relaxer, not taking up too much time or space!



Keychains?  T-shirts?  Mousepads?  Car Magnets?  Window Decals?  Photo Coasters?  Guitar Picks?  Lunch Boxes?  Melamine Plates? Clocks?  Stickers?  Clocks?  Wrapping Paper?  USB Flash Drives?
Night Lights?  Bottle Openers?  Playing Cards?
Will it ever end?!  So many options…. It’s only money….  😉


If there’s product you’d like imprinted with my art, it’s likely I can find it somewhere.  Just let me know what I can do for you.

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