TreeCentricity… The Merchandise!

As with most of my paintings, I’ve uploaded images of my tree paintings to my favourite print-on-demand websites (Art of Where and Fine Art America), allowing you to order fun items, like beanie hats, shower curtains, and tote bags emblazoned with images of my art!


TreeCentric Framed Prints

You may wish to collect all of the paintings from my “TreeCentricity” exhibition, but alas that may not be reasonably affordable.  One thing you could do is order prints or posters from Fine Art America!



Fine Art America also offers a variety of imprintable items….

Shower Curtains



Duvet Covers



Tote Bags



Spiral Note Books






and Mugs



Art of Where offers a variety of wearables (leggings, headbands, scarves, etc.), along with many other items.  This link will take you to my “TreeCentricity” Collection page.

I love the prints on these wonder beanie hats!  Great for keeping the ‘ol noggin warm in these colder temperatures!



These styling notebooks are a new offering from Art of Where – they’re the same ones that I have in the gift shop at Homer Watson House & Gallery.




As always, if you’d like one of my images on an item, but can’t find it, please simply email me to let me know, and I’ll do all I can to create that combination for you!


If you missed the exhibition’s opening reception at Homer Watson House & Gallery, don’t fret…
You can see them in person through the remainder of February, until March 7.

And, if you’d like a chance to find out more about the pieces in this collection, please plan to attend my Artist’s Talk, which is scheduled for Saturday, February 24, 1:00 – 3:00pm.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, Noon – 4:30 pm

Also, please be sure to notice the gift shop, where you can find greeting cards, unframed art prints, and notebooks, all for sale, and featuring the exhibited images of my work!


New Hoosmaller copy

Art-I-Fact Shirts

I work in acrylics. Acrylics dry quickly, and this fast drying is what makes all of my transforming layers possible, because I don’t have to wait more than a few minutes for the paint to dry. Once the paint dries, I can forge ahead with another layer, without the worry of having unwanted glopping textures appear on my painting.

Me in one of my typical paint shirts.

Blending with acrylics is challenging, precisely because the drying time for acrylics is very short. In order to blend colours smoothly, I have to work very quickly, as the key to blending is controlling the amount of paint and/or water on the paintbrush. Wiping the brush is the best way to manage the amount of paint on my brush. Did I mention I have to work very quickly? My wipe rag must be on hand at all times. There is no time to search for a misplaced wipe rag.  Having a traditional wipe rag hasn’t been a reliable solution to my wiping needs, which is where my paint shirt comes in. I always know exactly where my wiping rag is, because I’m wearing it!

Me wiping paint on my shirt.

My paint shirt has paint wiped and smeared all over it, and it doesn’t take long for a shirt to become encrusted with my acrylic paints.  If my paint shirt is relatively new from the thrift store, the shirt is also at its peak absorbency and usefulness as a wiping rag.  If my paint shirt has been in use for weeks or months, a globular texture begins to develop on the shirt. Putting the shirt through the heat of a dryer cycle repeatedly allows a bead-like texture to develop as the acrylic layers on the shirt melt and meld together. A globular paint shirt is not as effective a wiping tool as a newer shirt, so eventually, the paint shirt is retired and put away, and it’s time to visit the thrift store to find a replacement.

Because my wiping action is so ingrained and so automatic, I find that this wiping habit is very dangerous to my wardrobe. So, in order to not ruin my ‘nicer’ clothing, I tend to wear my paint shirts most of the time, and I go everywhere in my paint shirts. I get a lot of comments about my paint shirts, and surprisingly to me, most people think that the paint patterning on the shirt is intentional. I’ve often been told that I should sell my paint shirts because they look so colourful and cool.

It’s hard for me to imagine anyone wanting to wear my paint shirts, but it has also been hard for me to want to throw away these wonderfully random assemblages of texture and colour. This is what led me to preserving my paint shirts on wooden artist panels.

Much like stretching a canvas, I stretch my paint shirts over the wooden panels. Then, I position the shirt for the best composition possible, before adhering the shirt with acrylic gel and stapling the material to the backside of the panel. I give the stretched fabric a final clear coat, in order to protect the globules, and to bring out the colours to their maximum brilliance. Each shirt panel is a dynamic artifact from my process of painting, is fully unique, and is not replicable.

For the first time, these shirt panels are for sale, and will be shown at an upcoming art event, The Ferrari 500! It’s a must-go show for art collectors is coming to the Region!  The Ferrari 500 is a unique art sale featuring art from 12 of our local artists. Why is it unique?  Every piece of art in the show is priced at $500.00 or UNDER, and 10% of the proceeds of all sales go to benefit Button Factory Arts.


It’s a one-day only event, and will race by like…a Ferrari…so mark your calendars:  Friday, February 24 from 4:00pm to 9:00pm at Button Factory Arts at 25 Regina St. S., in Waterloo.


It’s the Time of Year for Giving… Art!

The gift of art is perhaps one of the most meaningful gifts one can give.  The right piece of art can stoke colourful traditions, nourish creativity, and raise the happiness factor in any environment.


To see if you can find the perfect original Amy Ferrari painting for you or for your special someone, please check out my available work:  Available Paintings.  

And if you are not finding exactly what you are looking for, please realize that I am happy to create a new Commission Piece just for you, though it’s not likely that a new piece could be completed by X-mas.

If purchasing an original Amy Ferrari painting isn’t in your budget, there’s always another way to acquire a piece of art…

•   You can purchase  art via a payment plan – I am fairly flexible and can arrange a way for you to pay over time.

•   You can purchase art in the form of my Artist Signed Limited Edition Archival Prints, which are printed by me!  So I can arrange to print most any of my images in a small run signed limited edition.

•   You can purchase art in the form of commercial prints, which are created by Fine Art America.  These prints come in a variety of sizes, materials and framing options.  Your entire transaction happens through Fine Art America, and I get a royalty from the sale!

•   You can purchase art on various types of merchandise, with printed images of my art on various items, such as ceramic mugs, tote bags, scarves, shower curtains, nifty beanie hats, device covers, and more.

Some of these items are available through Fine Art America, others are available through Zazzle, which is a website that imprints a wide variety of merchandise.  The clothing items – including the infamous printed leggings – are available through Art of Where.

If you can’t find the image you want on the product you want, just let me know and I will do my best to make sure the item becomes available.

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May your Holidays be merry and warm, and the New Year be colourful and bright!

Woo Hoo!

Art on a Toilet?


In the world of merchandising, it seems the possibilities are endless….
It only seems right to mention I can also put my art on:


Toilet Seat Covers.  Who knew? – but Yes.

Toilet Tattoos® is a hygienic, removable appliqué for the toilet lid.  Made from electrostatic vinyl film, this toilet seat decoration wipes clean and is reusable.  In just 3 easy steps, peel, place and smooth, you can transform the look of your lid.  Proudly made in the USA, this patent pending innovation is the modern way to enhance the toilet.  A bathroom accessory that is quick, clean, simple and changeable.  Toilet Tattoos are the only way to crown your throne™.


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Silk Boxers?  You know it!



Lamp Shades?  Okidokie!



Can Cozies?  Of course.




Jigsaw Puzzles?   How could I not?  252 pieces in a 11″ x 14″ puzzle makes for a lovely afternoon relaxer, not taking up too much time or space!



Keychains?  T-shirts?  Mousepads?  Car Magnets?  Window Decals?  Photo Coasters?  Guitar Picks?  Lunch Boxes?  Melamine Plates? Clocks?  Stickers?  Clocks?  Wrapping Paper?  USB Flash Drives?
Night Lights?  Bottle Openers?  Playing Cards?
Will it ever end?!  So many options…. It’s only money….  😉


If there’s product you’d like imprinted with my art, it’s likely I can find it somewhere.  Just let me know what I can do for you.

What the Heck are Snarkle Tarts?

The Snarkle Tarts are a collection of very cute google-eyed characters that came into being almost accidentally…

I created a bunch of these characters when I was trying to come with idea for paintings that I could complete in 30 minutes.  Why would I want to create a painting in 30 minutes?  Well, you see, some of my associates (you know who you are) strong-armed me into participating in K-W’s ‘Brush-Off’ competition at The Museum in  downtown Kitchener.  Since I  use a transformational process, my paintings take a notoriously long time to complete.  So there I was, in a bind, and feverishly trying to come up with a way to not embarrass myself in front of a large group of the art-buying public, not to mention my fellow artists.  Yep, it all came from ego.  🙂

I stumbled upon the idea of creating simple silly characters from simple square shapes, I guess somehow Sponge-Bob Square Pants managed to lodge himself in my subconscious.
Creating these figures was so freeing and fun, I came up with quite a few designs!

2014 Brush-Off at The Museum First Round

My plan worked out fairly well, and I managed to get through the competition with my self-esteem more-or-less intact –ish. After the competition, I still had ideas for all these characters that just wouldn’t go away.  So, well, why not?  I decided to go ahead and create paintings (taking all the time I needed!) for all of the characters I had come up with.  They were all so cute!  But that’s not the end of the story…

I had 15 characters to name, and I knew the names had to be as cute as the paintings. Oh the pressure!  Then it dawned on me.  I really never intended to do this…  But once the idea was in my head, it was inevitable. (Marco’s fault!)  All of the character’s names would somehow refer to farts.  I know.  I never wanted to use the word ‘fart’.  That’s why they’re called ‘Tarts’.

Meet the Snarkle Tarts!  Hovering your curser over the photo will reveal the name.

These guys were so adorable, I decided to make them all available as artist-signed limited- edition archival prints. (Check out the available Snarkle Tart Art!)  They turned out to be very cute for a kid’s room!  But that’s still not the end of the story…

After a while, people who had some Snarkle Tarts in their kid’s rooms began to urge me to write a children’s book featuring the tarts.  Now, writing a children’s book was the furthest thing from my mind, not having much experience with kids.  But again, the idea stuck in my head, and I realized that since they’re names reflect farts, their story should revolve around farts.

I knew something had to happen.  And did a little research and found out one of the first stages of story telling was character development.  So based on the paintings, I tried to nail down each character’s personality and back-story; and then it happened…

The rhymes began, and I was helpless. I had to continue with the rhymes until all the of the Snarkles Tarts had something to ‘say’ about farts. Though the poems are not perfect, I managed to write every single poem without using the word ‘fart’.  Thus, ‘A Big Number 2’ was born, and I self-published the book using Blurb.

I’m really not sure where the Snarkle Tarts will go from here…  but I did come up with the idea of making the images and poems available on Zazzle’s onesies!



New Hoosmaller copy

Putting the Fun in FUNky…



I’m extremely happy to present a Montreal-Based Canadian company specializing in creating unique apparel from custom printed fabrics. So far, I have chosen to focus my designs on:  leggings, scarves, skirts, and the very cute beanie hats!   …but I’m taking requests…!

I’m so excited about this company because:

•they are Canadian!
•their high quality sublimation printing process results in durable, fade-proof prints
•the art is imprinted on the entire piece, not just sections of it
•the flexibility of their online design tool allows for many versions of a single item
•the organic lines in my art are uniquely well-suited to form-fitting pieces
•the variations in pattern sizes and colours are too much fun to come up with!
•and the designs are so very FUNKY…..!
•and I can call myself a fashion designer!  ….maybe   ….sort of…..   🙂

Below are some representative images that show off some of the products available.  The links will go directly to my Art of Where Store.
Check my  Art of Where   store often, as I’m adding new items frequently!
Scroll down for a peek of some colourful wearables from funkytown….

Leggings and Capris
Are you funky enough for these leggings?!  Oh My!
I really didn’t mean to come up with such suggestive designs…


Fitted Skirts
Are the skirts tamer than the leggings?  Hard to say….!



For when you need that extra pop of colour!
In addition to being able to present my paintings on silk, these scarves present a very addictive way for me to play with colour and pattern!


Zen Sky - Silk ScarfSenTrees of the Grapes - Silk ScarfKakabeca Magenta - Silk ScarfPondeRose Golden - Silk Scarf



Beanie Hats
So cute!  So much fun! You’ll need lots of these!
These beanies come with a choice of mild or warm linings.




Stay tuned…. Imprinted Books will be highlighted in my next post….!

New Hoosmaller copy

Imprinted Mugs, Ties, and all that Zazz!



I’m happy to present my selected producer of print-on-demand general merchandise – Zazzle!   Such Fun Possibilities! Though the Zazzle possibilities are vast, I’ve narrowed my Zazzle focus to the following items: mugs, throw pillows, blanket throws, custom fabrics, journals, Post-It notes, calendars, onesies, and ties….but I do take requests…..

Why Zazzle?
•   most of the items allow for customer customization
•   they have a good reputation
•   they have an irresistibly large range of print-on-demand merchandise…

Below are some representative clickable images that show off some of the products available.  The links will go directly to my Zazzle Store.
Check my  Zazzle  store often, as I’m adding new images frequently…

Happy Art makes a Happy Heart… and a great start for the day!
The ceramic mug is a classic, and it’s customizable!



Throw Pillows
This body pillow lets you be an art-hugger!



Tote Bags
From Re-usable grocery bags to the usual, these options are economical!


Blanket Throws
so nifty to be able to wrap yourself in art!


a wide range of materials and customization options that are great for quilting and other crafts!




Post-It Notes
a cool collection of some of my doodle figures


Customizable “Expressions From the Florescence” flower painting calendar; and a customizable tree painting calendar, “TreeCentricity”






a very cute collection of Snarkle Tarts!



if you’re required to wear a tie, it may as well be unique!

Stay tuned…. Imprinted Wearables will be highlighted in my next post….!

New Hoosmaller copy

Art on Home Decor and More!

Duvet covers…. Shower Curtains… Throw Pillows…
Home decor items are now available with my art images imprinted on them!

Sometimes there’s just not enough wall space for all the art you’d like to have, so imprinted decor items can make a lot of sense when it comes to creating a colourful, happy environment.

Tote Bags…. Phone Cases…
Personal style items are now available, as well!  Why not bring a little extra art into your everyday?

fine art americal logo

I’m very excited that my chosen art print-on-demand producer, Fine Art America  also offers high quality home decor and personal style items!

Fine Art America seems to be dedicated to artists:

•   they have a good user interface
•   they have a good reputation
•   they offer a wide variety of high quality prints, along with other quality items…
•   they provide a Facebook Plug-in!

The Facebook Plug-in allows purchases to be made from the Amy Ferrari Art Facebook Page!   All you have to do is click on the ‘Shop‘ tab at the top of the page.  Please be aware that all prices are listed in Canadian Dollars!

Below are some representative clickable images that link to my Fine Art America Store.
Check my Fine Art America store often, as I’m adding new images frequently!

Duvet Covers

Happily, Fine Art America offers their customers a wonderful customization tool, so it’s easy to fit any image into a specific decor by altering background colours.  All of these microfibre zippered covers are available in the usual Twin, Full, Queen, and King bedding sizes.

Due to the great size of the duvet covers, not all of my image sizes are large enough to work on these covers, but I’m having much better results with my more recent images.

“About to Sprout” Duvet Cover


Shower Curtains

Fine Art America offers their customers a wonderful customization tool, so it’s easy to fit any image into a specific decor by altering background colours. Each shower curtain is made of 100% polyester fabric and measures 71 inches wide by 74 inches tall and there are 12 hanging holes that allow you to use your own shower curtain rings.

Zen Sky
“Zen Sky” Shower Curtain


Throw Pillows

The smaller size of the throw pillows makes it much easier to accommodate my images sizes, thus, most of my images are available on these 100% cotton pillow covers.  The pillow inserts are also available as an easy add-on.   The zipper is concealed, and the same image is printed on both sides of the pillow.
The throw pillows are available in a range of square sizes:
14″ x 14″, 16″ x 16″, 18″ x 18″, 20″ x 20″, and 26″ x 26″.
And there is a single rectangular offering at 20″ x 14″.

Kakabeca River Dance
“Kakabeca River Dance ” Throw Pillow


Tote Bags

The smaller size of the tote bags makes it much easier to accommodate my images sizes, thus, most of my images are available on these soft and durable poly-poplin double-stitched bags.
The one inch black strap makes the bag easy to carry on the shoulder.
The same image is printed on both sides of the pillow and the bag is available in three handy sizes: 13″ x 13″, 16″ x 16″, and 18″ x 18″.

Relearning Gravitational Resistance
“Relearning Gravitational Resistance” Tote Bag

I’ve ordered and received the “Relearning Gravitational Resistance” Tote Bag, and it’s a very impressive printing on a very nice tote!


Phone Cases

Happily, all of my images will fit easily on the impact-resistant, slim-profile, hard-shell phone cases!  The phone cases are available for the following models:
iPhone 4,/4S, 5/5S, 5C, 6S, 6S+    –  and  –   Galaxy S4, S5, S6

Relearning Gravitational Resistance
“Relearning Gravitational Resistance” Phone Cover


Stay tuned….More imprinted merchandise will be highlighted in my next post….!

New Hoosmaller copy