TreeCentricity… The Merchandise!

As with most of my paintings, I’ve uploaded images of my tree paintings to my favourite print-on-demand websites (Art of Where and Fine Art America), allowing you to order fun items, like beanie hats, shower curtains, and tote bags emblazoned with images of my art!


TreeCentric Framed Prints

You may wish to collect all of the paintings from my “TreeCentricity” exhibition, but alas that may not be reasonably affordable.  One thing you could do is order prints or posters from Fine Art America!



Fine Art America also offers a variety of imprintable items….

Shower Curtains



Duvet Covers



Tote Bags



Spiral Note Books






and Mugs



Art of Where offers a variety of wearables (leggings, headbands, scarves, etc.), along with many other items.  This link will take you to my “TreeCentricity” Collection page.

I love the prints on these wonder beanie hats!  Great for keeping the ‘ol noggin warm in these colder temperatures!



These styling notebooks are a new offering from Art of Where – they’re the same ones that I have in the gift shop at Homer Watson House & Gallery.




As always, if you’d like one of my images on an item, but can’t find it, please simply email me to let me know, and I’ll do all I can to create that combination for you!


If you missed the exhibition’s opening reception at Homer Watson House & Gallery, don’t fret…
You can see them in person through the remainder of February, until March 7.

And, if you’d like a chance to find out more about the pieces in this collection, please plan to attend my Artist’s Talk, which is scheduled for Saturday, February 24, 1:00 – 3:00pm.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, Noon – 4:30 pm

Also, please be sure to notice the gift shop, where you can find greeting cards, unframed art prints, and notebooks, all for sale, and featuring the exhibited images of my work!


New Hoosmaller copy

Putting the Fun in FUNky…



I’m extremely happy to present a Montreal-Based Canadian company specializing in creating unique apparel from custom printed fabrics. So far, I have chosen to focus my designs on:  leggings, scarves, skirts, and the very cute beanie hats!   …but I’m taking requests…!

I’m so excited about this company because:

•they are Canadian!
•their high quality sublimation printing process results in durable, fade-proof prints
•the art is imprinted on the entire piece, not just sections of it
•the flexibility of their online design tool allows for many versions of a single item
•the organic lines in my art are uniquely well-suited to form-fitting pieces
•the variations in pattern sizes and colours are too much fun to come up with!
•and the designs are so very FUNKY…..!
•and I can call myself a fashion designer!  ….maybe   ….sort of…..   🙂

Below are some representative images that show off some of the products available.  The links will go directly to my Art of Where Store.
Check my  Art of Where   store often, as I’m adding new items frequently!
Scroll down for a peek of some colourful wearables from funkytown….

Leggings and Capris
Are you funky enough for these leggings?!  Oh My!
I really didn’t mean to come up with such suggestive designs…


Fitted Skirts
Are the skirts tamer than the leggings?  Hard to say….!



For when you need that extra pop of colour!
In addition to being able to present my paintings on silk, these scarves present a very addictive way for me to play with colour and pattern!


Zen Sky - Silk ScarfSenTrees of the Grapes - Silk ScarfKakabeca Magenta - Silk ScarfPondeRose Golden - Silk Scarf



Beanie Hats
So cute!  So much fun! You’ll need lots of these!
These beanies come with a choice of mild or warm linings.




Stay tuned…. Imprinted Books will be highlighted in my next post….!

New Hoosmaller copy