A Rambling Dream…

I had a dream last night involving weird happenings as our way of life went further into chaos.  People driving upside-down buses?!?  Anyway, the upheaval we are currently experiencing now was further amplified, and indeed in the dream, everything was much stranger.  Oddly enough, despite the upside-down bus incident in my dream, it wasn’t actually a nightmare.

The Covid pandemic has uncovered atrocities in our healthcare systems that are starting to spark changes.

Black people have been treated atrociously and the Black Lives Matter movement is starting to spark changes.

The horrid acts against our Native Peoples and all of our Peoples of Colour is causing outrage and is sparking changes.

The blatant lack of concern for our environment is causing outrage which is sparking changes.

The disregard for animals in our food supply is causing outrage which is sparking changes.

The blatant disregard for peoples’ wellbeing by our governments and big Pharma, big corporations, and big everything is causing outrage which is sparking changes.

The insatiable desire for more, for having the right to treat people like crap, and for having the right to disregard human decency is causing outrage which is sparking changes.

Being complacent in having racist, sexist, hateful, homophobic thoughts and actions is causing outrage which is sparking changes.

Everything shitty that privileged and power-hungry people are doing to hurt others and to hurt the environment is causing outrage which is sparking changes.

So much outrage!  It seems like a nightmare, but what keeps it from being a nightmare is the wee spark of hope that all this upheaval, as tragic and painful as it is and will continue to be, will bring lasting changes as we continue to look closer into our own hearts, our organizations, our businesses, and our governments.  Things get dicey for everyone, for a long time, but we are all forced by circumstances to reflect, feel compassion, and act upon making better decisions that lead to a better world for everyone…  EVERYONE…  every person, culture, species, race, country, gender, sexual orientation, age, color, religion, weirdness, etc.  EVERYONE.

I’m thinking my dream of upheaval and outrage is already a reality.  More than I know.  But I hold on to the optimistic hope that as a result, our world and ourselves will change for the better.  Perhaps we all need to figure out how to drive buses upside-down…. or at least how to make changes that seem impossible… POSSIBLE.

I have a lot of self-reflection to do and I’m wondering how I can reflect any of this in my art and actions.  At least for now, I will continue to create and share art that expresses my sense of positivity and harmony.

Here are three recent paintings that I hope are imbued with positivity, harmony, and love….



Exuberant Elativity
16 x 16  Acrylic on Canvas  2020

This painting is about the elation and exuberant happiness that bubbles up as a result of unconditional love.

Exuberant Elativity


Clarified Chaos
16 x 20  Acrylic on Canvas  2020

This painting is about the joy of thriving in chaotic environment because you know where everything is.

Clarified Chaos


Cerebral Memory Echo
24 x 30  Acrylic on Canvas  2020

This painting is a representation of a place where all things harmoniously flow together
with connectedness and free, loving expression.

Cerebral Memory Echo

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