About the Amy Ferrari Art Face Masks

What a strange time this is!  I am grateful that so many people have decided to purchase face masks bearing images of my art!
I appreciate that you are looking to protect yourself and others, or at least that you are looking to be compliant with the local regulations.
Who says you can’t have a bit of colourful fun while being in compliance!
As many have experienced, the providers of face masks have been slammed with orders, and receiving your order can take an extraordinarily long time.
The 5 mask order that I placed took over 2 months to arrive!!  I was beginning to doubt that it would ever show up.  But then it did – but it was 2 masks short.  The remaining two arrived two weeks later.  I am very hopeful that the wait time is improving as production continues.  Much appreciation to all who have waited and are continuing to wait…. I truly feel your pain!

About Placing an Order

Me with new mask from Fine Art America (Pixels). Beanie is older from Art of Where.
For those who are contemplating placing an order for an Amy Ferrari Art face mask, please realize that you are likely in for a wait!
I can’t and don’t carry a stock of my imprinted products, so ordering directly from the provider is best.
If something should go wrong with your order, please contact the provider directly, as I do not receive any of your order info.  I never know exactly who orders the masks, as the artists only receive info that an order was placed for ‘x’ numbers of a particular design, but nothing about the customer.  Which is why I especially love it when people post pictures of their masks when they arrive!
There are two providers of face masks that I currently use:  Fine Art America (Pixels), which is based in the US; and Art of Where, which is Canadian!
In terms of Customer Experience,  I’d rate Fine Art America (Pixels) as ‘pretty good’ and Art of Where as ‘great’; no company is perfect, so please proceed with due caution, as you would with any internet purchase.

About Fine Art America (Pixels)

Yellow Face Mask featuring the painting Yellow Surprise by Amy Ferrari
Fine Art American (Pixels) came on the scene first, as they were quick to offer imprinted face masks.  This is really not too surprising, being a rather large company with manufacturing partners throughout the US and beyond.  Fine Art America (FFA) offers a terrific variety of products from art prints, to tote bags, to shower curtains, to yoga matts, to t-shirts, and more.  Their most recent offering is the fabric face mask.  Every time I upload an image from one of my paintings to FFA, I am taken through a somewhat automated process of designing the placement of my image on each of their products.  Sometimes the images simply won’t work well for a certain product, so not all products are available for all designs.  As of this posting, I am up to date with uploading my most recent images.
The face masks from FFA are one size fits all masks which have a side pocket for an air filter.  Here is the description of the face mask on the FFA website:
The Center for Disease Control has recommended the use of cloth face masks to help fight the spread of COVID-19.
This face mask is made from 100% polyester and includes two woven, elastic loops for a comfortable, one-size-fits all fit.
Please note – this is NOT a surgical grade mask.  It is not intended for any medical or commercial uses, whatsoever.  It is a simple, cloth mask designed for everyday use to cover your mouth when out in public.  The mask should not be used in any medical or surgical setting.
We make no warranties that the mask prevents infections or the transmission of viruses or diseases.
10 – 15 business days
Here’s the link to check out the face masks I have available on Fine Art America (Pixels):     https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/amy-ferrari/shop/face+masks

About Art of Where

After a couples months or so of FAA offering face masks, Art of Where (AOW), started to offer face masks as well.  Art of Where is a Canadian company based in Montreal.  All of their printing and sewing is done onsite in Montreal.  They even manufacture some of their fabrics!  AOW is a smaller company that puts a great emphasis on quality.  Their line of products is centered on their wearables, but they also provide art prints, pillow covers, notebooks, and more…..they will even print custom fabrics for you to sew with!  I am still in the process of adding my images facemasks on AOW.  Their uploading process for artists is a bit more demanding, thus the process of creating a collection of faces masks similar to my FFA collection is taking some time.  I am consistently growing the collection that as of now stands at around 24 mask designs!
AOW’s masks come in a selection of sizes and are more form fitting than the Fine Art America masks.
Here’s AOW’s description of their face masks:

Give yourself some extra peace of mind and protection with custom printed 100% cotton sateen face coverings! Available in multiple sizes with metal nose piece and an internal filter pocket, these coverings provide confidence in both safety and style.

Keep up with our changing world with 100% cotton custom printed face coverings!  Complete with a stainless steel nose piece, filter pocket and soft fabric elastics, these 200 thread count cotton sateen face coverings are here to give you a little more peace of mind.  Printed with permanent reactive inks, you can fill confident washing them over and over without fear of fading.  Stay safe and stylish with custom printed cut and sew face coverings.

Production time
1 to 5 items: ~25 business days
+ 3 business days per 6 items
Here’s the link to check out the face masks I have available on Art of Where:   https://artofwhere.com/artists/amy-ferrari/collections/77138

You’ve Got Options!

If you see a design you like on the Fine Art America site but prefer the mask from the Art of Where site and you can’t find the same design on my Art of Where site, just let me know.  It’s absolutely easy and no problem for me to add it to the Art of Where site. (I’m still adding designs!)

The featured painting on this post is fresh from the studio:
Yellow Surprise
12 x 24   Acrylic on Canvas  2020


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