Amy the Author…

 I wrote a book!  Well, actually, I just wrote silly poems to accompany the images of my Snarkle Tart characters, and turned it into a photo book!  Hopefully, you enjoy fart humour….

More ‘books’ are in the works, the next ones will most like be colouring and/or doodle books.  Eventually, my take on Colour Theory as taught in my ‘Trouncing the Colour Wheel’ class will be turned into a book too – with words…in sentences!


Blurb is a book publisher specifically dedicated to the on-demand publishing of books:
hard cover, soft cover, e-books, and PDF books.

A Big Number 2

This picture book features my Snarkle Tart characters presenting different ways to talk about poo’s.  The characters are captivatingly cute; and the poems that accompany each image will make you snicker!

So far, I only have one physical book version (softcover) available for printing on demand.   ‘A Big Number 2‘ is also available in both iPad and PDF e-formats.
Softcover Version     PDF Version     iPad e-book version

I have ordered and received all 3 versions,  and I certainly recommend them all!


New Hoosmaller copy


A New Concept for Team-Building: Collaboration Drawing

Would you like a fun new way to inspire and improve your group’s communications?  Invigorate your group’s collaborative efforts with this creative, revealing and challenging communication exercise!

No artistic ability is needed!

Your group will work together to visualize key team-building concepts (communication, integrity, etc.) through simple line drawings. Your group will leave with a one-of-a-kind colorful display of square modules that can be easily hung in your office or gathering area. The endless ways the squares can be configured will help participants envision the interactive dynamics of these concepts.

photo 1

Each square module represents one important team-building concept.


The collaborative challenges will help produce insights into how team members think and how they can effectively work together. The number of participants, location, and required time are customizable and can be tailored to suit the needs of your group.

Part 1: It’s educational!

In this new workshop, the irrepressible Amy Ferrari fosters a new way of visual thinking by introducing your group to the fascinating Language of Line. How cool would it be to communicate with only lines and without words or symbols!?


Part 2: It’s collaborative!

Participants will be divided into smaller groups of 3 to 5. Each smaller group collaborates to visualize one or two key team-building concepts with simple line drawings. Each person’s contribution to the group’s concept becomes very integral to the group’s solution.


Part 3: It’s challenging!

Participants will be challenged to transform concepts so that they work effectively within an expandable and versatile modular system. Again, collaboration will be needed in order to find unique visual solutions.

Scan 14

Part 4: It’s fun!

Participants will be able to perfect their square solutions by drawing and painting the final designs onto a square canvas. The endless ways the squares can be configured will help participants envision the interactive dynamics of these concepts and produce insights into how team members can effectively work together.

It’s customizable!

The number of participants can be scaled from 4 to 30 participants.  The minimum required time is 3 hours. Ideally, there will be 4 hours or longer for participants to gain the most from the experience. Materials are provided. The team-building concept list can be tailored to suit the needs of your group. The workshop is highly portable, so most any location could be suitable.

Let’s discuss how this workshop can work for your group…
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