Amy Ferrari Art’s Local Venues


You can see my work in person!
While seeing the photographs of paintings is quite helpful, there’s nothing like being able to see a painting in person! The listings below are all places in the Region of Waterloo where you can go to view actual paintings.  Also, I’m always happy to meet you at any of these places, just send me an email and we can schedule a time to meet.

Chrysalides House of Art
School of Fine Art and Gallery
619  Wild Ginger Avenue, unit A2, Waterloo Phone:  519 208-5961

Chrysalides House usually has one or two of my paintings in the Gallery. This location features a gallery, gift shop, an art studio, printmaking studio and creative play lounge, where they offer ongoing weekly fine art classes for both children and adults.

Office of Lou Seguin, Tax Accountant
72 St. Leger Street, Unit 300, Kitchener

This is the space where I previously shared a studio space with Lou Seguin, my good friend and tax accountant.  Happily, Lou is keeping some of my available art on his walls, so the paintings don’t have to sit in storage, and you can visit them any time!  And Lou is a great tax guy if you need one!  (Contact him directly – ) While Lou usually welcomes visitors,  (Well, maybe not so much during tax season unless you’re a client!) it is best to contact me so I can set up a time to meet you there.

Button Factory Arts Gift Shop
Button Factory Arts
25 Regina Street South, Waterloo, ON, N2J 1R8

I usually have some smaller pieces and prints hanging around at the gift shop.  There are soooo many cool items there all year-round.  Christmas season is extra special, as the gift shop overtakes the gallery space in December!

A recent addition to the gift shop is this amazing cabinet!  Scott Crockard has created and is selling custom furniture featuring panels of my work!  So cool!


Amy Ferrari Art Studio
Button Factory Arts
25 Regina Street South, Waterloo, ON, N2J 1R8

This is my little home away from home.  My studio hours tend to be spotty, so to be sure to catch me at the studio, please contact me!


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