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E-Commercializing Amy Ferrari Art

Happy Art makes a Happy Heart!

Most people who are aware of my work know I have original paintings and for sale…  (See my new Buy Original Art! Store)
Many of these people realize that I have limited edition archival prints for sale…
But only a handful of people know I have imprinted merchandise for sale!  So now I’d like to introduce my Buy Imprinted Merchandise! Store!
This online store features my selection of four companies that offer print-on-demand products for sale:

 Fine Art America       Zazzle        Art of Where      Blurb 

With each company’s websites listed below, I have descriptions of the specific products I’ve chosen to focus my designs upon. The links will take you directly to the Amy Ferrari Art page on their website.

The process of adding new images to new products is ongoing, and I’m open to putting most any of my images on any product, if the pixels allow.

If you can’t find the item you’d like imprinted with the image you’d like, please let me know, and I’ll do all I can to make the item/image combination available.

fine art americal logo

Fine Art America

I’ve chosen Fine Art America as the main provider of my unsigned and unlimited edition art prints. Why?
•they have a good reputation and a high level of dedication to artists
•they have a good user interface
•they offer a wide variety of high quality prints
•they provide a Facebook Plug-in (prices are listed in Canadian Dollars!)

The comprehensive range of print possibilities allows for a size and framing option to fulfill every need!

•Art prints on Paper:
     a large selection of sizes, papers, framing, matting, and mounting possibilities 
•Art prints on Canvas:
     a large selection of canvas sizes, canvas framing, canvas sheen, and wrap treatments
•Art prints on sheets of Metal or Acrylic:
     a large selection of sheet sizes, and a nifty stand-off mounting option
•Art prints on Greeting Cards:
     customizable greeting cards available as singles, packs of 10, or packs of 25

For easy reference, all of the varying sizes of art prints I have available from Fine Art America are listed in a free PDF Catalog.   

Fine Art America also offers other select quality items:

•iPhone and Galaxy Cases   •Tote Bags   •Throw Pillows   •Duvet Covers   •Shower Curtains

If you can’t find the item you’d like imprinted with the image you’d like, please let me know, and I’ll do all I can to make the item/image combination available.



I’ve chosen Zazzle as the main provider of my general merchandise selections because Zazzle has a good reputation; most of the items allow for customer customization; and they have an irresistibly large range of print-on-demand merchandise. Though the Zazzle possibilities are vast, I’ve narrowed my Zazzle focus to the following items:

Happy Art makes a Happy Heart… and a great start for the day!
•Throw Pillows
•Tote Bags
so nifty to be able to wrap yourself in art!
a wide range of materials and customization options
•Post-It Notes
a cool collection of some of my doodle figures
Customizable Flower painting calendar; customizable Tree painting calendar
a very cute collection of Snarkle Tarts!
if you’re required to wear a tie, it may as well be unique!

If you can’t find the item you’d like imprinted with the image you’d like, please let me know, and I’ll do all I can to make the item/image combination available.


Art of Where

Art of Where is a Montreal-Based Canadian company specializing in creating unique apparel from custom printed fabrics.  I’m so excited about this company because their high quality sublimation printing process allows for the art to be imprinted on the entire piece, not just sections of it.  And the flexibility of their online design tool allows for many versions of a single item from just one image file.  The variations are too much fun to come up with!  So far, I have chosen to focus my designs on:

•Leggings and Capris   Are you funky enough for these leggings?!  Oh My!
•Scarves   For when you need that extra pop of color!
•Skirts   Are the skirts tamer than the leggings?  Hard to say….!
•Beanie hats.   So cute!  These beanies come with a choice of linings.

If you can’t find the item you’d like imprinted with the image you’d like, please let me know, and I’ll do all I can to make the item/image combination available.


Blurb is specifically dedicated to the on-demand publishing of books.

I wrote a book!  Well, actually, I just wrote silly poems to accompany my Snarkle Tart images, and turned it into a photo book!   Hopefully, you enjoy fart humour….

A Big Number 2‘ features my Snarkle Tart characters presenting different ways to talk about poo’s.  The characters are captivatingly cute; and the poems that accompany each image will make you snicker!

So far, I only have one physical book version (softcover) available for printing on demand. ‘A Big Number 2‘ is also available in both iPad and PDF e-formats.

Softcover Version     PDF Version     iPad e-book version

I have ordered and received all 3 versions,  and I certainly recommend them all!


This e-book has been submitted to i-books.  Crossing my fingers!



Amy Ferrari Art –  Buy Original Art!  Store

My Buy Original Art! Store is where you can peruse and purchase all of the available original paintings and drawings that I’ve created, as well prints (Artist-signed, limited-edition archival prints produced by Amy Ferrari Art).

Original art purchases can be made either by checking out my website’s  Buy Original Art! Store, and then emailing the me directly, or by ordering items from the Amy Ferrari Art Store on Etsy by using the ‘Buy Now’ buttons.

Please consider art ownership, as these original works are in need of a forever home!
“Happy Art makes a Happy Heart!”

Stay tuned…. Art Prints will be highlighted in my next post….!

Woo Hoo!



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Just a Little Blurb

Smelly Nellie

Thanks to, The Snarkle Tarts have found themselves in a book!

You can order a paper-back version, or you can download a PDF.
You can also order the e-book for your I-pad.  Woo Hoo!

Some very cute googly-eyed characters are presenting funny ways to talk about poo’s. Wonderful images that will wow the little ones, and the poems that go with the images will make make most anyone giggle. Who doesn’t like fart jokes!

All images are from my photographs of original art paintings of my Snarkle Tart series.
All the these images are available as artist-signed archival prints; and some of the original paintings are still available!

A Big Number 2
A Big Number 2
Presented by the Go…
By Amy Ferrari
Photo book






The Etsy Shop is Growing!

The number of items that I’m offering on Etsy has just grown!

In addition to small landscapes, you’ll now find Snarkle Tarts and some Pure Abstracts!  Woo Hoo!


Happy Art makes a Happy Heart!


New Hoosmaller copy


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MUKsters at Artists Alley

********  MUKsters are on Sale!!!  ********

Joe Cat

On Saturday July 18th from noon to 8:00pm, check out the wares of local artists and artisans in the alleyway between the Uptown Parkade and Button Factory Arts (between King and Regina) as you’re checking out the Jazz Festival

My booth will feature a Once-Only Sale of my MUKster paintings at specially low prices.
These irresistible characters want to come home with YOU!!!


More about MUKsters!